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What is a coolant change?

Coolant is a special liquid, also called antifreeze, which keeps your engine cool by removing excess heat through the radiator. Essentially, it is a chemical solution which doesn't freeze in cold climates. Over time, this liquid will gradually get used up, and so it should be checked on a frequent basis - every 3 to 6 months.

In addition, coolant contains corrosion inhibitors that protect the metal, plastic and rubber in the cooling system from corroding in the presence of hot water.

So engine coolant does at least three different things! It helps transfer heat away from your engine, to the radiator; it prevents the cooling system freezing in very cold conditions; and it helps protect the whole cooling system from the corrosive effects of the hot water in it.

Why should I book a coolant change?

Is it really necessary to change your vehicle’s coolant? Prevention is better than cure. Replacing your vehicle’s coolant is the best way to prevent future cooling system problems, which can lead to your vehicle overheating and breaking down.

There are many benefits from having your radiator flushed and refilled with antifreeze. A coolant change removes rust and scale deposit which can stop the cooling system working efficiently. It also lubricates the water pump, removes any contaminants which have built up, protects against rust and foam, and stops the coolant from becoming inefficient and freezing.

Every time you replace the coolant, it is best to perform a cooling system flush as well. This will ensure that any depleted antifreeze or corrosion is completely removed from your vehicle’s cooling system. Most garages offering a coolant change will offer a cooling system flush too.

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