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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I search a garage for my vehicle?

How do I use search filters?

How do I make a booking?

Can I book by phone?

Can I book a garage the same day?

How far in advance am I able to make a booking?

I don’t know what service to choose?

Do the garages only offer the services bookable on BookMyGarage?

Do I pay anything upfront?

I need to communicate additional requirements to the garage; how do I do this?

Can I recommend a garage to join your directory?

Your Booking

What should I expect after I’ve made my booking?

The garage has said they’re not available on the day I selected. Why?

How do I change the date of my booking?

How do I cancel my booking?

The garage has not contacted me regarding my booking, what should I do?

How do I contact the garage after my booking has been made?

The garage says they have no knowledge of my booking, what should I do?

What happens if the garage cancels the appointment with me?

Your Appointment

The garage has charged me more than the price listed on BookMyGarage, what do I do?

I’m not happy with the service I received at the garage regarding the work I booked over BookMyGarage.

Where and how do I leave a review for the garage?

Your Account

How do I opt out of marketing emails?

How do I delete my account?

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