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How can I find the best car service near me?

Whilst we all want to save money, you’ll also want to be sure that the car service you book is with a garage that has positive customer reviews and a good reputation, as well as one that offers a great price for carrying out the service. With BookMyGarage, you can view all of this information and more about garages offering car servicing in your area, to help ensure you enjoy a hassle-free and reliable service. You just need to enter your car reg and post code for INSTANT results.

Why do I need to service my car?

Ensuring that your car is serviced regularly is essential. It helps to discover any faults with the vehicle that could easily become costly issues if not resolved, which might even take your car off the road altogether. If your car makes any niggly noises or the way it drives or feels has changed slightly, these could be signs that something serious could be wrong that could result in hefty repair costs if the problem isn’t picked up and resolved early.

Ignoring any minor issues with your car means that you could have serious problems and expensive repairs down the line. A regular car service routine can help avoid this kind of situation, and can even extend the lifespan of your vehicle, because it’s being given the essential maintenance and checks that it was designed to have.

A car with a full or even partial service history can be worth more if you come to sell your vehicle or part exchange it for another one, and buyers will generally always choose a car that they know has been looked after over one that may not have been given the regular maintenance or attention it should have.

Whether it’s to top up your car’s fluid levels or have a major service, you can find a trusted garage to carry out the work when you compare car servicing deals with us.

How often should I service my car?

The handbook that you get with a car from the manufacturer will tell you how often the vehicle should be serviced, as this can vary depending on the make and model of car, and also the way it is being driven or distance travelled. For most cars, they specify a full service should be done every 12 months or every 12,000 miles – whichever comes first.

If you do a significant number of miles in your vehicle e.g. more than 25,000 miles per year, you might want to consider an interim service (approx. every six months) to help keep your car in top condition.

What’s included in a car service?

There are three different types of car service offered by most garages - interim, full and major. These different types of service relate to the variety of checks, changes or other work carried out as part of the process.

All levels of car service offer checks that include:

  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Drive System
  • Exhaust
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Lights
  • Internal Inspection

Some types of service may also include various fluid and filter changes, but we provide a detailed breakdown and comparison of exactly what is included in each car service type here. All services booked on BookMyGarage adhere to these service schedules so that you can compare apples for apples.
Click Here to see the detailed breakdown.

Which car service is best for me?

The best type of car service for you will depend on the specific circumstances involved, such as your car’s age and condition, the last time it was serviced and the number of miles that you drive on an annual basis.

See below to find out which type of car service will suit your requirements best.

Low to average mileage vehicles

6 Months
12 Months
18 Months
24 Months

High mileage vehicles

6 Months
12 Months
18 Months
24 Months

Help me choose a service

What is an interim service?

  • Usually undertaken for high mileage drivers who cover upwards of approx. 25,000 miles per year.
  • Recommended to be carried out between annual services, roughly twice per year
  • Covers 25 items including: oil change, testing main moving parts and brake fluid top-up

What is a full service?

  • Ideal for drivers who tend to cover up to around 12,000 miles per year.
  • Recommended once per year, or every 12,000 miles (whichever comes first)
  • Includes a wider range of items (comprehensive checks, refills and replacements) and helps to ensure trouble-free driving.

What is a major service?

  • Recommended every 24 months, or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first)
  • Highest level of service, covering the most checks, refills and replacements of any type of service. It essentially includes an overall check of every aspect of your vehicle so is a vital part of looking after your car at this two-year point.

You can often make serious savings with a combination booking discount if you choose to book your MOT at the same time as a service. With some garages, you can pay as little as 1p for your MOT when you book in for a major service at the same time! To see what cheap servicing options are available with MOTs, choose the MOT as your option when using our tool and you’ll be able to view the best combi MOT and service discounts.

If you’re not sure when your MOT is due, you can use our instant MOT checker to find out when your current one expires.

How much does a car service cost?

The cost of a service will depend on the engine size of your car and the rates that each individual garage charges. It will also depend on the type of service that you choose as they get more expensive as you go down the list (starting with interim as the cheapest service and major being the most expensive).

Our directory features over 8,000 garages and you can search for them by postcode. Use the garage comparison tool to compare car service costs at garages near you by simply entering your vehicle registration number and post code, choosing a garage from the list and making an instant booking online.

Why use BookMyGarage?

If you’re wondering “how can I find reliable and honest car servicing near me?” then BookMyGarage can help. You can see real customer reviews about a garage before you book. We help you to:

  • Make smart decisions - we help you pick the most suitable garage for your needs in your area
  • Save money - find a trusted garage which offers cheap servicing or combination MOT and servicing deals
  • Book online, wherever you are - at a time convenient to you (even when the garage is closed)
  • You won't pay us ANYTHING, you pay the garage when the work is complete
  • It’s quick and easy to compare garages on a number of different criteria and make a booking

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Our comparison tool doesn’t only show you car service prices, it will also display:

  • Which accreditations the garages have or which schemes they are members of
  • Real user reviews
  • What specialist repairs they offer as well as car servicing and MOTs
  • Which types or makes of cars they work on
  • The proximity to your address (to find out which one is closest)
  • Any special deals and offers they provide
  • Their opening times and much more.

Once you have entered your car reg and post code you’ll see the comparison results instantly. When you select a garage from our list, you can also see how much it costs for all of the other standard work that they offer, from a diagnostic check to a coolant change. With all the comparisons you can make using our tool, you can be sure that you are getting your car service carried out at the most appropriate garage for your needs, in a location that is suitable for you.

Perhaps most importantly, the price you see on our website when you make your booking is a fixed price, and you don't pay anything until the work is done - you pay the garage directly when the work is complete. The booking is all done seamlessly through BookMyGarage, so get your car booked in for its next service today!

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