How Can BookMyGarage Help Me Save Money on My MOT?

The purpose of BookMyGarage is to show you the best MOT, Car Servicing and Repair deals in your local area from our directory of over 8,500 UK garages. To compare MOT prices near you, select 'MOT' in the booking tool above, enter your car registration number and post code and our system will provide you with instant prices from all of the MOT centres near you.

You have access to a wealth of information on all of the garages listed. You'll find out which accreditations they have and which schemes they are members of, which cars they work on, their MOT price, costs for other services offered and much more.

Need an MOT test centre which offers collection and delivery or combi service and MOT deals? You can find that out too.

When you have chosen the garage most suitable for you, you can book an MOT online, it's really quick and easy! You don't pay a penny until the work is complete, at which point you will pay the garage the amount shown at the time of your booking.

Unlike some of our competitors, BookMyGarage will not make you wait for garages to send you quotes, instead we show you instant prices so that you can quickly compare prices and book less than 1 minute! This means that you can book any time, even when the garage is closed. So, when you book your MOT, service or repairs through BookMyGarage you can be assured that you are getting the best value, having considered all of your available options.

We highly recommend booking your car in for a service at the same time as your MOT. Many of our garages offer discounted rates for MOTs when booked alongside a service; some for just 1p! Why do the garages offer this? They actually save time when both are booked together, hence why they're able to charge so little. The garages also want to encourage you to book your service with them and not with one of their competitors. So this is a win-win for the garage and for you!

How Do I Find an MOT Centre Near Me?

Compare prices and book online, from the comfort of your own home, with BookMyGarage.

Use our MOT booking tool to check when your MOT is due, compare cheap prices local to you, check garages' customer reviews and make your booking online. Don't pay a penny until the work is done! It's the simplest way to learn more about the garages in your area and get high quality work on your car.

Book MOT: To book your MOT, you just need to pick a garage, select 'View & Book', select any other services that you want to book (extra savings may apply when selecting both a service and MOT), choose a date & time, provide your phone number so that the garage can contact you if needed and complete the booking. No payment is required until the work is done, at which point you will pay the garage directly.

Why Do I Need to Book an MOT?

The Ministry of Transport test, or as it is much better known, the MOT test is an essential annual check of your car. The mechanic will check whether your car meets the road safety and environmental standards, and you will be prosecuted if driving on the roads when your MOT has expired. Without a valid MOT certificate your car is illegal, and you can be fined up to £1,000 if caught by a police patrol, or one of the many static cameras around the country. Most car insurance policies will also be void if your car doesn't have a valid MOT certificate. The only exception to this rule is if you are driving it to a garage to be repaired or to a pre-booked MOT test.

There are also other fines which can amount up to £10,000 if your car is not road-worthy, such as defective brakes and illegal tyres. These offences will also result in points being added to your license. The MOT test will flag up any of these issues and your car will not pass the test until it is road-legal again.

Make sure you avoid the risk of missing your test date by booking well in advance; the prices will vary for each garage so using a comparison tool is a great way to save money and ensure you are booking a cheap MOT.

What does an MOT cost?

The official maximum MOT price that test centres can charge for a car is £54.85, but many will charge less than this. As mentioned above, many garages also offer special deals for customers who book a service at the same time.

How Long is an MOT Valid For?

MOT certificates are only valid for 12 months from the date of the test. You can book your test up to 1 month before the due date and still keep the existing expiry date. This will essentially result in a 13-month MOT, as oppose to 12.

What If My MOT is Overdue?

If your MOT is overdue you will need to book it in immediately. You cannot drive your car until it has passed the test unless you have made a booking and are driving it to the garage. There are no other exceptions.

Can I Drive After a Failed MOT?

If your MOT fails, you are generally still okay to drive it until the existing MOT certificate expires - unless the test revealed a 'dangerous' problem, in which case you can't drive it at all until it's fixed. This is why it is important to get it booked in before the due date. Once the MOT expires, it is no longer legal to drive your car until you re-take the test and it passes.

If your car does fail the test and your existing MOT is still valid, you will need to find out what the issues were that caused it to fail. If the faults make the car unroadworthy and you are caught driving it, you risk being prosecuted by the police.

So, we recommend you book your car in for an MOT at least 2 weeks before the due date and if it does fail, book the repairs in right away. You aren't obliged to have the same garage carry out the repairs, you can shop around for the best deal at that point.

Do I Have to Pay For an MOT Re-Test?

You will only need to pay for a partial retest (costing less) if you take your car back to the same garage that carried out the test in the first place, within 10 working days. If you choose to take it into a different test centre, you will need to pay for the full test again.

How Long Should an MOT Take?

On average, MOT tests take around 45-60 minutes. Assuming there are no issues with your car and it passes the test, you should be able to pick it up after an hour. If any repairs are required you may have to wait a lot longer, sometimes days, so make sure you are prepared.

What Do I Need to Take With Me?

You only need to bring your car. The tester will use the DVSA database to find your existing MOT details.

Booking your MOT through BookMyGarage ensures that you can get the best price, while also choosing a garage that you know you can trust. Enter your VRM and post code above to start the simple booking process now!