An MOT is a yearly expense which almost every driver will have to budget for.

In this article, we are going to outline the costs and expenses that are related to getting your MOT, and what you can do to save money on your MOT.


What Is The Maximum Cost of an MOT?

In the table below, you can see the maximum MOT fee for each type of vehicle. 

Type of Vehicle MOT Class Maximum MOT Fee
Motorcycle with sidecar, engine size up to 200cc 1 £37.80
Motorcycle without sidecar, engine size up to 200cc 1 £29.65
Motorcycle with sidecar, engine size over 200cc 2 £37.80
Motorcycle without sidecar, engine size over 200cc 2 £29.65
3-wheeled vehicle, up to 450kg unladen weight 3 £37.80
3-wheeled vehicle, over 450kg unladen weight 4 £54.85
Car with up to 8 passenger seats 4 £54.85
Caravan/Motorhome 4 £54.85
Quadbike, up to 400kg max unladen weight 4 £54.85
Dual purpose vehicle 4 £54.85
Private hire/public service vehicle with up to 8 seats 4 £54.85
Ambulance 4 £54.85
Taxi 4 £54.85
Private passenger vehicle/ambulance with 9-12 passenger seats 4 £57.30
Goods vehicle, up to 3,000kg gross weight 4 £54.85
9-12 passenger seat Class 4 vehicle with a seatbelt installation check 4a £64
Private passenger vehicles and ambulances, with 13+ seats 5 £59.55
Play bus 5 £80.50
13+ seat passenger Class 5 vehicle with a seatbelt installation check 5a £80.50
Goods vehicle, 3,000-3,500kg gross weight 7 £58.60


These MOT prices are set in the UK by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The maximum cost of an MOT for a car is £54.85. A standard motorcycle will cost a maximum of £29.65.

Please know that you do not need to pay VAT on the MOT fee.


How Much Is an MOT Retest?

If your vehicle fails its MOT, then you will have a 10 day window for repairs and retests to be carried out.

Whilst there is no additional MOT test fee if your vehicle stays at the test centre to be repaired and retested within the 10 day deadline, you may need to pay more if you drive your car away and then return it at a later date.

If you drive the car to a different garage for the repairs, and then back to the original garage for the retest, you will be charged a reduced price – legally, the maximum cost is half of the original MOT fee.

Many garages will charge you less for a ‘partial’ retest.

In any other situation – like leaving it longer than 10 days or taking your car to a different garage  – you will have to pay for a full MOT again.

You may incur other additional costs if your vehicle needs certain repairs following an MOT. 

A blown or faulty bulb can cost as little as £5 to replace. Meanwhile, a tyre replacement can cost anywhere from £60 to £200 per tyre.

You could be fined £1000 if you do not return your vehicle for a retest, and this fine could be even more costly if the vehicle has serious faults. 


How Can I Save Money On My MOT? 

You can save money on your MOT by conducting a pre-MOT check and comparing prices using our online booking tool.

Some garages offer great deals and lower prices, which you can compare by entering your reg plate and postcode into our free booking tool.


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As previously mentioned, the legal maximum MOT charge is £54.85, so you should never expect to pay more than this for an MOT.

At the same time, be wary of incredibly cheap MOT prices.

Unfortunately, some garages may attempt to lure you in with a £10 MOT, just to overcharge you for expensive and sometimes unnecessary repairs.

Always do your research when looking for a discount on your MOT. You can read honest reviews from real customers on our website to help you decide which garage is the best for you.


Should I Book My MOT and Service and Together?

Booking your car service at the same time as your MOT can be a convenient and effective way to ensure your vehicle is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Whether you opt for a full, interim or major service, regular car servicing can be beneficial in several ways:

  • It can make your car more efficient
  • It can lower your car’s running costs
  • It can increase your vehicle’s worth
  • It can further your car’s lifespan

For all these reasons and more, booking a service with your MOT is a great idea.

Many garages offer discounts when you book a car service at the same time as your MOT – saving you money on the day, and in the long run.

You won’t have to find the time to take your garage to the garage twice, and you are less likely to forget about either service.

An MOT test may be a yearly legal requirement that checks your vehicle is safe to drive, but a car service is essential for maximising the safety and reliability of your car.


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MOT, Full Service


The price of a full car service can depend on the make, model, size, age and mileage of the vehicle, amongst other factors. 


What Is A Pre-MOT Check?

A pre-MOT check is something that can be carried out before your MOT in order to catch any small, easy-to-fix issues that may otherwise prevent your vehicle from passing its test.

By taking just a bit of time to go through our MOT checklist, you could end up saving yourself some serious money.

For instance, small issues like low windscreen wiper fluid or a dirty car can be easily and cheaply fixed, thereby giving you a better chance of passing an upcoming test. 

Many of our garages also offer a pre-MOT check for as little as £10 alongside an MOT - much cheaper than failing and paying out for expensive repairs later down the line!


If your current MOT certificate is soon to expire, make sure that you book an MOT test in advance of this expiry date.


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We hope you have enjoyed learning about the cost of an MOT.