An MOT is a yearly expense that almost every driver has to pay out. You may be concerned that your MOT may end up costing you more if you need some expensive repairs done. In this article, we are going to outline the costs and expenses that are related to getting your MOT, and how you can go about saving yourself some money.



The maximum price for an MOT on a car is £54.85. For a motorcycle MOT, it is £29.65. You do not pay VAT on this price. Private passenger vehicles and vehicles with more than 9 seats cost more. You can find a full run-down on the GOV website. There are ways of saving yourself money on your MOT, such as conducting a pre-MOT check and comparing prices using our online booking tool. Just enter your reg plate and postcode to find the best deal near you today!


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What Is The Maximum Amount I Can Be Charged For An MOT Test? 

The cost of the MOT test is set by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency). The maximum fee that a garage can legally charge for an MOT is £54.85. For vans (up to 3500kg) it is £58.60, and for a motorcycle, £29.65.

You do not pay VAT on these prices.


How Much Is An MOT Retest?

If your vehicle fails its MOT, it needs to be retested once the necessary repairs have been made.

The cost of your retest depends on a few factors. If you leave the vehicle to be repaired in the same garage you had the initial test done, and the repairs are completed within 10 days, you may have your MOT retest done for free.

If you drive the car away to a different garage to have the repairs, and then back to the original garage for its retest, you will be charged a reduced price - legally, the maximum is half of the original MOT fee, but many garages will charge you less for a ‘partial’ retest. 

In any other situation, such as leaving it longer than 10 days, or taking your car to a different garage, you will have to pay for a full MOT again, so time is of the essence.


Full MOT vs MOT Test 

It may be worth us pointing out that there is no set price for an MOT - only the MOT test. If the mechanics find anything that needs repairing, the cost of the work and parts will be discussed from there. It could be something as small as replacing a £5 lightbulb, or it could be an expensive job like your brake pads that could cost you a couple of hundred pounds - it completely varies from test to test.


How Can I Save Money On My MOT? 

As mentioned before, there is a legal maximum MOT charge of £54.85, so never expect to pay more than this for an MOT. Some garages offer deals and lower prices. To compare prices on your MOT, use our free booking tool - just enter your reg plate and postcode to compare prices in your local area.


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Be wary of incredibly cheap MOT prices - unfortunately, some garages may attempt to lure you in with a £10 MOT, then overcharge you for expensive and sometimes unnecessary repairs. Always do your research when looking for a discount on your MOT - our website provides honest reviews by real customers to help you decide which garage is the best for you.


Should I Get A Service With My MOT? 

It is also not unusual for garages to offer discounts on MOTs when you book a car service at the same time. As well as the price you pay on the day, this can be a money-saving move in the long run. Getting your car serviced regularly has a list of benefits, including:

  • Can make your car more efficient. 
  • Can lower your car’s running costs. 
  • Increase your vehicle’s worth 
  • Increase your car’s lifespan. 

Servicing your car also ensures your, and other road users’ safety. Booking your service at the same time as your MOT is a smart move, so you don’t have to find the time to take your car to the garage twice, saving you time. It also means you won’t forget one!

Many people believe that once your car has passed its MOT, it is perfect, but in reality, it just means that it is safe. A service straight after your MOT will truly maximise the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your vehicle. 

To compare deals on MOTs and Servicing at the same time, enter your reg plate and postcode, click both ‘MOT’ and ‘Service’ and click enter to show all the best deals. 


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What Is A Pre MOT Check?

A pre-MOT check is something that can be carried out before your MOT in order to catch any small, easily fixed issues that may prevent your vehicle from passing. We have a full rundown of the pre-MOT check on our blog. By taking just a bit of time to go through this list you could end up saving yourself some serious money. Many of our garages also offer a pre-MOT check for as little as £10 alongside an MOT - much cheaper than failing and paying out for expensive repairs!