When it comes to simplifying your approach to car care, booking an MOT and a car service together is always a good idea.

You will be less likely to forget about either service if you book them together, and you can save yourself from making two separate trips to the garage.

Not to mention that this is a convenient and cost-effective means of investing in vehicle maintenance.

Read on and find out why you should book an MOT and a service together.


Should I Book an MOT and Service Together?

Not only will an MOT and service booking check that your vehicle meets the minimum road safety requirements set out by the DVSA, but this can also ensure that your car is roadworthy, reliable and safe to drive. 

What’s more, you can reduce the risk of a breakdown, and have any parts that have worn out replaced - so it is definitely worth booking these services at the same time. 


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Booking an MOT and Service Together Is Cost-Effective

Many garages near you will offer a discount on their MOT price when you book a car service at the same time, making this a cost-effective way to look after your car.

You can browse garages in your area on BookMyGarage to find one which offers a great deal on booking an MOT and service together.


You Can Ensure Your Vehicle Is Safe and Roadworthy

Your vehicle can be tested against both the DVSA’s guidelines and the car manufacturer’s guidelines – at the same time.

With an MOT designed to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, and a car service making sure that your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible, booking these services together is an effective means of confirming your vehicle’s health.

You can really enhance the safety and efficiency of your vehicle by booking these services together.


Booking These Services Together Is More Convenient

By booking these services together, you can save yourself both time and effort.

Instead of making two separate appointments, you can have the work done in a single visit to the garage.


You Can Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns

For added peace of mind, booking a car service and an MOT together can help you identify potential issues with your car - before they evolve into major problems and cause your vehicle to break down

Your vehicle will be inspected thoroughly during a car service, so you can drive with confidence in your car’s health.


You Can Retain Your Car's Value

Whilst your car’s value can depend on the age and mileage of the vehicle, booking an MOT and service together can be beneficial when it comes to retaining your car’s value.

By carrying out comprehensive maintenance on your vehicle and keeping track of this maintenance, you can ensure that you have a full service history for your vehicle.

This can come in handy if you ever hope to sell your vehicle in the future for a good price.


If your MOT is on the horizon, consider booking an MOT and service together so that you can get more out of your vehicle.


Don't know your vehicle registration?
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We hope that you have enjoyed learning about booking an MOT and service together.