A car service is an in-depth health check designed to ensure that your vehicle runs as safely and smoothly as possible. 

Whilst car servicing may not be mandatory in the same way an MOT is, a service is actually more thorough when it comes to checking the health and condition of your vehicle. 


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What Is a Car Service?

As part of the essential routine maintenance of your vehicle, a qualified mechanic will inspect several components of your car during a service.

Everything from general wear and tear to engine fluid levels will be checked. If the mechanic identifies any components that need to be replaced, then they will advise you as to any repairs or replacements your vehicle may need.

A car service is not the same as an MOT - it is not a legal requirement - but both can keep your car in excellent condition. 

Whilst a full service is the most popular form of car service in the UK, there are various levels of car service to choose from.

A full service is more extensive than an interim service, with a major service being the most comprehensive check of the three. 

Does My Car Need an Interim, Full or Major Service?

The car service your vehicle needs will depend on how many miles you cover in a year.

For the best results, we would advise that you book a full car service every 12 months - or 12,000 miles - and a major service every 24 months - or 24,000 miles.

High-mileage drivers can book an additional interim service every 6 months - or 6,000 miles.

The below table outlines the number of checks included in each service type, and the recommended servicing intervals.


Car Service

Number of Checks Included

Recommended Interval

Interim Service


6 months or 6,000 miles

Full Service


12 months or 12,000 miles

Major Service 


24 months or 24,000 miles


What Does a Full Service Include?

A full service includes 40 checks, such as an oil and filter change, fluid top ups and an in-depth inspection of the moving parts of your vehicle. 

Parts like the brakes, steering, suspension system and tyres will be checked. 


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What Does an Interim Service Include?

An interim service includes fewer checks than a full service, and focuses on the most important parts of your car.

If you are a high-mileage driver, or own an older car, then an interim service can help you to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly. 


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Interim Service


A BookMyGarage interim service includes the checks listed in the following table.


Oil Change Oil Filter Change Screenwash Top-up Coolant Top-up Brake Fluid Top-up
Power Steering Fluid Top-up AdBlue (Diesels only, additional charge) Check External Lights Operation Check Instrument Warning Lights Operation Check Horn Operation
Check Condition of Windscreen Wipers Check Windscreen Washers Check For Oil Leaks Check Antifreeze Strength & Advise if Replacement Needed (additional charge) Check Timing Belt Replacement Intervals and Advice
Visual Check of Brake Pad Wear Check Tyre Condition Check Tyre Depth Check Tyre Pressure and Adjust Check Condition of Steering Rack Gaiters
Check Exhaust Condition Check Clutch Fluid Level (if applicable) Check For Any Transmission Oil Leaks Reset Service Light (where applicable) Stamp Printout of BookMyGarage service schedule


What Does a Major Service Include?

A major service is even more thorough than a full service.

During a major service, a mechanic will inspect the components of your vehicle that are designed to last 2 to 3 years, but that still need attention if they are to last longer. 


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Major Service


A BookMyGarage major service includes 60 checks - covering everything from the full service checklist, in addition to the following.


Replacement Fuel Filter (if fitted externally, else replacement pollen filter) Door Operation Bonnet Operation Operation of All Locks Pollen Filter Condition and Advise if Replacement Needed (extra charge if fuel filter replaced)
Air Conditioning System Operation Radiator Cap Electrical Coolant Fan (if applicable) Change Spark Plugs Dependent Upon Age and Mileage (extra cost) Clutch Operation


What a BookMyGarage Car Service Can Do For You

When you book a full service through BookMyGarage, you get to compare prices 'like-for-like' to find the best garage for you. You can save up to 70% when you compare servicing costs through our online comparison site. 

You will know exactly what our full service schedule includes, so you can be confident that you are getting exceptional value for money from your chosen garage.

Visit the BookMyGarage website, and compare garages based on ratings and unfiltered reviews to find the perfect one to perform your car service. 


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