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What is an air conditioning check?

Air conditioning in a car does two things; first, it controls the temperature of the air in the car, and second, it removes some of the moisture in the air, providing a stream of dry air in the car. This helps to keep the inside of the car comfortable, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

You’ve probably noticed that you can clear a misted-up windscreen much faster in a car with air-con than in one with only a normal ventilation system. That’s because the conditioned air blown over the windscreen is nice and dry, so it can absorb the dampness fogging your windscreen.

An air conditioning check ensures that your system is running efficiently by testing its pressure. A drop in the system pressure results in insufficient cool, dry air being circulated inside the car. The garage will take a temperature reading via the car’s air vents to see whether a recharge is needed. This involves removing all the old refrigerant gas, and oil and leak detecting dye, then cleaning the whole system to remove any moisture. When the system has been cleansed it will need to have new gas and dye put in, and will then be re-pressurised.

Why should I get my air conditioning looked at?

About 80% of all new cars are now fitted with air conditioning as standard. However, in a two year old car the AC will not be working as well as it was when it was new; and after three or four years most cars will require an air conditioning service. If your windscreen takes longer than a few seconds to clear then that’s an indication that the system isn’t working efficiently. In any case, most manufacturers recommend that you should recharge your air conditioning system every 2 years in order to keep it running efficiently. An air conditioning check is not included in your routine car service, so if your car is more than two years old and has never been recharged it is more than likely due.

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