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How Does Car Air Conditioning Work?

An air conditioning system controls your car's temperature and works in a similar way to a kitchen refrigerator. When the refrigerant in these units changes from a liquid state to a gas, it cools down. Outside air is blown past the coils in which the gas flows, and is therefore also cooled before it is blown into the car’s cabin. The air con gas then returns to liquid form in the system's compressor, heating it up and directing the warm air outside the car.


Why is Air Conditioning Important?

Car air conditioning serves two purposes. It cools down the cabin, improving your comfort and preventing the type of heat-related irritability that may lead to an accident.

Also, because air conditioners generate less humid air, they can be used to demist a fogged-up windscreen more quickly than when air is blown out of a standard ventilation system.


What Causes Air Conditioning Problems?

  • Insufficient or old refrigerant.
  • Low system pressure, typically caused by a leak or the failure of a component.
  • Lack of use can place unexpected stress on components when the system is eventually turned on.
  • The build-up of bacteria can make the air from your air conditioning system unhealthy.


Can I Regas My Air Con Myself?

While you can regas your car’s air conditioning system yourself, we would strongly advise against it. Without using specialist equipment and proper training, it can be a time-consuming and dangerous process. You risk freeze burns if the gas comes into contact with your skin and improper maintenance can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

You would be much better off booking an air con regas with a professional local garage than attempting to complete the job yourself.


How Do I Know if My Air Con Needs Regassing?

If your car’s air conditioning system is in need of a recharge, you will notice the following signs:

  • A lack of cold air when you switch the system on.
  • A noisy or inefficient system that struggles to cool the cabin
  • Condensation on the inside of the windscreen
  • A musty smell or similar when you use the air conditioning


If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should book an air con regas near you as soon as possible.


What Happens If I Don’t Regas My Aircon?

If you don’t take proper care of your car’s air conditioning system, it will fall into disrepair. Every year, your system loses 10% of the vital refrigerant that cools the air. This means that it will become inefficient quickly if you don’t look after it.

What’s more, if the refrigerant level drops too low, it will stop working altogether. If this happens, you may see problems in the long run as well. Pipes can easily seize and crack if the system isn’t used for long periods of time.

Moreover, failing to service your air conditioning system can allow mould and harmful bacteria to develop and filter into the cabin. These can be harmful if breathed in.


How Long Does an Air Con Regas Take?

An air conditioning regas takes about 45 minutes. If the technician finds any issues or other problems, the repair time will increase.


How Long Does an Air Conditioning Service Take?

A full air conditioning service takes around 1 hour. Again, if the technician finds any issues or other problems, the repair time will increase.


What’s the Difference Between an Air Con Regas, an Air Conditioning Recharge and an Air Conditioning Service?

While an air conditioning recharge is just another way to refer to an air con regas, an air conditioning service is something completely different. The biggest difference between them is the amount of work they include.

During an air con regas, a technician will use a specialised machine to remove the old refrigerant, usually check for any leaks within the system. If all is well, they will then refill the system with the right amount of fresh refrigerant and lubricating oil.

During an air conditioning service, a technician will complete the same recharging process but will give your system a proper inspection. This usually includes:

  • A full visual system check
  • Completing a pressure test
  • Checking that the entire system works properly (all the switches, thermostats etc)
  • Checking the temperature of the condenser while it is in use


However, this can vary from garage to garage. All these extra checks mean that a service is more expensive than a recharge.


How Often Do I Need to Book an Air Con Regas?

Manufacturers typically recommend that you book an air conditioning regas every 2-3 years to keep the system running efficiently. You should also book an air con regas near you if you suspect that your car's air conditioning system isn't working efficiently.

If you need to book an air con regas more frequently than this, there may be a leak or other problem with your system. If this is the case, you will need to book an air conditioning service or repair.


When Do I Need to Book an Air Conditioning Service?

Manufacturers suggest booking your car in for an air conditioning service every 3-4 years. It is important to book a service regularly because it gives a full clean and inspection of the entire system. Inefficient air conditioning places greater strain on your car's engine, requiring more fuel to generate cool air. This makes it more expensive to keep your car running.

It is important to note that an air conditioning service is not included in routine car services but has to be booked separately.


How Long Should an Air Con Recharge Last?

An air con recharge should last 2-3 years.

If you find that your car's air con system needs more frequent regassing, there may be a leak or another problem that is causing the refrigerant gas to escape quicker. If this is the case, you will need to book an air conditioning repair at a garage near you to resolve the problem.


Is It Worth Getting My Air Con Regassed?

It’s always worthwhile to get your car’s air con system regassed if it isn’t working properly. Not only will broken air conditioning make driving on a hot day unpleasant, but it can also allow harmful bacteria to grow. This can filter into the cabin and make you ill.

If you regularly drive long distances during hot weather, it is even more important that you get your air con regassed. If you sweat a lot, you can make yourself dehydrated and tired. Driving in this state can increase your risk of an accident due to a loss of concentration.


Do I Need 1234yf or R134a Refrigerant Gas?

If your car was built and registered before 2017, it is likely that your air conditioning system needs R134a refrigerant gas. All cars built after 2017 will need 1234yf refrigerant gas.

Some cars built and registered before 2017 were fitted with 1234yf refrigerant. Certain manufacturers adopted this before it became a requirement because of its environmental benefit. R134a refrigerant gas is not very reactive and can take over a decade to break down in the atmosphere. 1234yf is much more reactive and tends to break down in a couple of weeks.

Your air con system must use the type of refrigerant gas recommended by your manufacturer. It is actually illegal to convert an R134a system to run on 1234yf refrigerant gas, even though it is better for the environment.


Do I Need to Use My Air Con All Year, Even in Winter?

You should use your car’s air con all year, even during the winter. This ensures it’s always in good condition because neglecting it for months at a time can cause issues associated with disuse.

We would recommend switching your car’s air conditioning on once a week to help with the demisting process. This will help you to avoid bacterial buildup and ensure the compressor and other parts are still in good working condition.


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