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Air Conditioning Recharge in Swindon

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*Based on Trustpilot: our average rating
4.7 out of 5 from 5241 reviews.

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Air Conditioning Re-gas R134A

Compare instant prices & book the best air con regas deal near you in just 2 steps

4.7* on Trustpilot

*Based on Trustpilot: out average rating
4.7 out of 5 from 5241 reviews.

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4.7/5 based on over 5241 Trustpilot reviews*
* Based on Trustpilot: our average rating 4.7/5 from 5,241 reviews.

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Why Use BookMyGarage to Book Your Air Conditioning Regas in Swindon?

We have helped over 12.6 million drivers compare and save on their MOT, servicing and repair costs at local garages. In fact, when you compare garages in Swindon through our online comparison site, you can save up to 70% when you choose one of the lower-cost options!

As one of the UK’s leading garage comparison sites, we’re dedicated to helping drivers save money on their car maintenance. Here are just some of the ways we keep you in control of your air con recharge in Swindon:


Honest Reviews & Ratings. See what like-minded drivers have to say about every garage on our comparison site to help inform your decision. Always unfiltered and unedited for transparency.

Transparent Prices. Garages on our comparison site always set and update their own prices, so there are no nasty surprises at the end of your appointment. This price won’t change unless you agree to extra repairs directly with them.

24/7 Online Booking. When you need an air con regas in Swindon, you want to book it as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait around for the garage to open so you can call up and get it sorted - and with BookMyGarage, you don’t have to. We allow you to make your appointment day or night, even when the garage is closed.

Easy 3-Step Booking Process. There’s no upfront registration and no faff. You just provide your vehicle’s details, choose the best deal and provide a suitable date and time for your air con regas in Swindon. That gives you more time to do the things you care about.


Compare deals and save up to 70% on your car maintenance when you choose one of the lower-cost options through BookMyGarage. Enter your vehicle reg and postcode to compare instant air conditioning regas prices in Swindon and book the best deal today.


How to Book Your Air Con Regas in Swindon

  1. Enter your vehicle reg and postcode.
  2. Compare deals. You can sort garages in Swindon by whatever best suits your needs: price, distance, reviews and ratings or availability.
  3. Pick a date and time for your appointment.


After you book your air con recharge in Swindon, we send you a confirmation email with a summary of your booking. We also inform the garage and they may also be in touch to confirm the appointment or to ask for extra details.

You never pay for your booking until after all the work has been completed and deal with the garage directly after the initial booking process. You also have the ability to change or cancel your booking for free until the day of your appointment.


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Air Conditioning Re-gas R134A


What’s the Difference Between an Air Con Regas, an Air Conditioning Recharge and an Air Conditioning Service?

The biggest difference between an air con regas/recharge and an air conditioning service is the amount of work they include. An air conditioning recharge is just another way to refer to an air con regas; they are one and the same.

During an air con regas, a technician will use a specialised machine to remove the old refrigerant, usually check for any leaks within the system and, if all is well, refill the system with the right amount of fresh refrigerant and lubricating oil.

During an air conditioning service, a technician will complete the same recharging process but will give your system a proper inspection. This usually includes:

  • A full visual inspection of the system.
  • Completing a pressure test.
  • Checking that the entire system works properly (all the switches, thermostats etc).
  • Checking the temperature of the condenser while it is in use.

However, this can vary from garage to garage. All these extra checks mean that a service is more expensive than a recharge.


What Does an Air Con Regas Include?

An air con regas includes a full removal and refresh of your system’s refrigerant gas. During this process, a technician will:

  • Ensure your car is using the correct refrigerant gas (R134a vs 1234YF)
  • Use specialist equipment to remove the old refrigerant
  • Check for any obvious leaks within the system
  • Refill your car’s air conditioning system with the right refrigerant gas


The technician will then test your system after the regas to ensure everything is working properly.


What Are the Benefits of an Air Con Regas?

The three main benefits of an air con regas are:

  1. Increased Fuel Efficiency. If your system is running low on refrigerant gas, it will have to work harder to cool the air in your cabin. This extra work requires more fuel which can mean more regular trips to a petrol station.
  2. Reduced Repair Costs. Running a faulty air conditioning system for an extended period of time can accelerate the wear and tear of certain parts, such as the compressor. Replacing this part is much more expensive than booking an air conditioning regas.
  3. Improved Demisting Ability. While it may seem counter-productive to use your car’s air con to demist the windscreen in the winter, it can actually be quicker than using the heater. This cool dry air is still warmer than the glass and is quite effective at clearing your field of vision. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the engine to warm up before you can start demisting.


Driving in Swindon

Swindon is a large town within the Borough of Swindon and the county of Wiltshire in South West England. It is situated near the Cotswolds and is surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty and ancient market towns and villages, close to the tourist destinations of Bath, Oxford and Stonehenge.



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Air Conditioning Re-gas R134A