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What is brake fluid replacement?

The brakes on your car use fluid pressure. When you press the brake pedal, it activates a plunger in the master cylinder; this pressurises the brake fluid in the pipes and hoses, which makes the brake components move.

Even though brake fluid sits in a sealed system it can still absorb moisture over time, and that can lead to corrosion. Moisture also lowers the boiling temperature of brake fluid which can reduce braking effectiveness, especially if your vehicle makes repeated hard stops. Check your car's owner manual to see when the manufacturer recommends replacing the brake fluid.

Or you can use BookMyGarage to find a garage near you to check the state of your brake fluid - it's a simple test and they will have the right tools to do it for you.

Why should I book a brake fluid replacement?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend brake fluid replacement every two years. Replacing brake fluid is cheaper than replacing brake lines or a corroded master cylinder. When brake fluid is new, it has a very light amber colour to it, becoming a darker amber as it gets closer to needing replacement. If it’s got to the point where it is dark brown or even black, you definitely need to get your brake fluid replacement booked in.

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