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What is a head gasket?

A head gasket, as its name suggests, is a gasket located between the cylinder head and the engine block in the engine. Its main function is to seal the cylinders to ensure the highest compression possible, and to protect the cylinders from leakages of coolant or engine oil. The head gasket separates the oil and the coolant in the engine.

What does a head gasket do?

The head gasket is a critical sealing component of your vehicle's engine. Any potential problem with a head gasket should be dealt with immediately as it can lead to more severe issues developing, which if ignored will increase the cost of your repair. Once a head gasket is blown, it can cause further damage to your vehicle's engine such as leaks, loss of water, decreased fuel efficiency and overheating. The longer you drive with a blown head gasket, the more damage it will cause to your engine. In the worst cases scenario, if left for a long time you could be looking at a complete engine replacement.

How do I know if I need a head gasket repair?

Warning bells should be ringing if your car's coolant level indicator is very low, or if your engine is showing a very high temperature. If your vehicle is not running smoothly, or you see light coloured smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe or discoloured oil in the engine, these could all be signs of a blown head gasket.

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