On average, a UK head gasket repair can cost in the region of £700 to £800.

While repairing a head gasket can be costly, it is also an essential job for prolonging your vehicle’s lifespan.

Things can get messy and expensive when it fails.

If your vehicle is exhibiting symptoms of a compromised head gasket, you need to book a head gasket repair in the UK today.

Read on and find out how much a head gasket repair costs in the UK, and why this job can be so expensive.


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How Much Is a Head Gasket Repair?

The price of a head gasket repair can vary depending on the following factors:

  • Gasket type
  • The extent of the damage
  • Labour costs
  • Vehicle manufacturer

If the mechanic finds any additional issues during the repair, then the cost may be higher.

Engine inspection fees, replacing broken components, and coolant and oil flushes are some additional blown head gasket costs which you may have to factor in. 


How Much Does a Head Gasket Repair Cost by Make?

The cost of a UK head gasket repair can vary depending on the make in question.

We’ve sourced estimates for some of the most popular UK makes, with prices ranging from £450 to £2,000.

Each estimate is a range to reflect the differing models each manufacturer produces, as well as the differing labour costs each garage charges.


Audi £750 to £1,550
BMW £750 to £1,550
Citroen £600 to £700
Ford £720 to £1,570
Mercedes-Benz £650 to £2,000
MINI £620 to £670
Nissan £610 to £1,050
Peugeot £640 to £1,580
Renault £560 to £600
Toyota £580 to £1,050
Vauxhall £450 to £1,250
Volkswagen £640 to £1,350
Volvo £460 to £570


Why Do UK Head Gasket Repairs Cost So Much?

As with any expensive car repair, labour costs are a major factor in the high price.

The part itself doesn’t cost that much, but a repair can take up to 10 hours to complete.

This is because a mechanic needs to disassemble the engine to get to the head gasket.

A head gasket repair requires specialist skills and diagnostic work, which is why you must trust a professional mechanic to carry out this job. 

When you’re paying £50 an hour for the mechanic’s time, the costs can quickly stack up!

A blown head gasket can also cause extensive engine damage.

If it warps your cylinder heads, this can cost up to £900 to repair – and could cause irreversible damage if you keep driving your car without a working head gasket.


Will Catching Head Gasket Leaks Early Reduce the Price?

Booking proactive repairs can help you address minor head gasket leaks before they get worse. 

The longer you wait to fix a head gasket problem, the greater the likelihood that an engine problem will occur - meaning the likelihood of an expensive repair will increase, too. 

To lower your head gasket repair price, it is important that you invest in regular vehicle maintenance. 

By scheduling routine engine inspections based on your manufacturer's recommendations, you are more likely to find and be able to resolve issues early on. 


How Do I Keep the Price of My Head Gasket Repair Down?

You can save money on the price of your head gasket repair when you use BookMyGarage.

You can compare labour costs from local garages to find the best one for your budget and request an inspection of your head gasket.

Find a highly recommended local garage to book a quality, value-for-money inspection with today.


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