A mobile mechanic can carry out a range of services and repairs at your home or place of work, saving you the trouble of getting your car to a physical garage.

Whilst a mobile mechanic service offers a convenient alternative, some customers may still prefer to book with a garage – especially if a more comprehensive repair is needed.

If you can’t decide which option to choose, then this is the perfect article for you.

Read on and find out what mobile mechanics and garages do, and the pros and cons of booking with them.


What Does a Mobile Mechanic Do?

A mobile mechanic is a trained professional who can complete your car repairs from a location of your choosing, such as your home or workplace.

In other words, a mobile mechanic can bring the garage experience to you.

Operating out of a van, mobile mechanics bring tools with them to restore your vehicle to good working condition.

Many mobile mechanics operate as a single business and are not associated with a particular garage.

Please know that not all mobile mechanics offer MOTs.

In some cases, the vehicle can be taken to an MOT bay and then delivered back to you, but you should check if the mobile mechanic offers MOTs before you make a booking.


What Does a Garage Do?

At a physical garage, professional mechanics and technicians can carry out maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics on your vehicle.

Garages are equipped with the tools and equipment needed to perform a range of jobs and complex repairs.

Unlike a mobile mechanics service, the mechanics at a physical garage will often ask you to drop your car off first thing in the morning and suggest you pick it up at the end of the day.


Why Should I Book with a Mobile Mechanic?

When you book with a mobile mechanic, your vehicle will be their sole focus during the job. This means that a mobile mechanic can offer a personalised service, and you can get to know the friendly face carrying out the job.

You can even watch as the work is carried out, for added peace of mind.

Mobile mechanics can often offer cheaper services than physical garages too, as they have fewer overheads to contend with.

Of course, being able to travel to various locations is also an advantage – you don’t have to go to the trouble of getting your car to and from a garage if you book with a mobile mechanic.

Similarly, you can contact a mobile mechanic if you break down, instead of calling a tow truck.


Why Should I Book with a Physical Garage?

A fixed garage can have several mechanics on hand to help at any one time, meaning that there is a wider range of expertise and experience available.

Each mechanic will have their own speciality, so you are more likely to find a technician with the specialist knowledge that your vehicle needs.

As physical garages have more members of staff, they can also see more cars in a day than a mobile mechanic can.

Not to mention that a garage won’t be impacted by wet or windy weather conditions – which could pose a problem for a mobile mechanic working on your driveway.

If you require a large-scale replacement job or MOT - then it may be best to contact a garage mechanic rather than a mobile mechanic.

You will likely be able to get your car booked in on the same day if you have an urgent car problem, too.


Which Services Can Mobile Mechanics Do?

A mobile mechanic can carry out the following services, amongst others:


Which Services Should You Get Done at a Garage?

If you need an in-depth service or any of the following services, then it may be best to book with a garage:

Make sure that you check with your chosen mobile mechanic or garage before booking to ensure that they can carry out the service you require.

Ultimately, the type of mechanic service you book with will depend on the service your car needs and how busy your schedule is.

Mobile mechanics are a good option if you aren’t sure what is wrong with your vehicle, or if you know that a smaller issue needs to be fixed.

Traditional garages may be the right choice for you if a bigger issue is affecting your vehicle, or if you need an MOT.


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We hope you have enjoyed learning about the differences between mobile mechanics and garages.