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What is an alternator?

The alternator plays a crucial role under the bonnet of your car. It converts the mechanical energy of the car‘s rotating crankshaft into electricity through a process of induction; put simply, it sends power to all the electrical elements of your vehicle.

One of the alternator‘s main functions is to keep your car battery charged, and so a car which is difficult or slow to start can be a sign of a faulty alternator. It also provides power to operate the car‘s lights and other electrical accessories. Therefore lights that seem too dim or blink erratically, and the red battery light glowing on the dash, are all signs that your alternator needs checking out.

How can I tell my alternator is at fault?

A simple test to check whether your alternator is working properly involves your car‘s interior lights. An alternator charges your battery when the car is running; so if the interior and dashboard lights come on brightly but slowly start to fade, then it indicates a problem with the alternator.

Another way to check if the alternator is at fault is the headlight test. To do this, start your car and turn on your headlights. With the vehicle out of gear, press on the accelerator while a second person observes the headlights. If the headlights flicker, dim or get brighter when the accelerator is pressed down, your alternator may need replacing. No change in headlight brightness indicates that your alternator is most likely to be functioning normally.

If you can hear a squealing noise when accelerating, this can be caused by a loose alternator belt. This problem needs fixing quickly as it can lead to flat battery.

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