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What is a diagnostic check?

Today’s vehicles are manufactured with complex interrelated electronic systems. On-board computers continuously monitor and store information concerning the performance of these systems. If you see a warning light on the dashboard, this is because the computer has sensed a signal from one of the systems or components which has gone outside of its normal operating range. This is when your vehicle needs to be plugged in for a diagnostic check.

Your garage will have the specialist equipment need to communicate with your car's electronics. It will show them details of any faults reported by the car, and help them to understand exactly what the problem is that is causing a warning light to come on. They can then tell you how serious the problem is (or not!), and what they will need to do to fix the problem.

Why should I book a diagnostic check?

The potential causes for a warning light coming on range from a light bulb not working to engine, transmission or braking system issues. There may even be more than one fault. Ignoring some warning lights can lead to serious issues, such as engine damage or other component failure. In some instances, this can be a safety hazard. That’s why it is recommended to have a diagnostic check carried out by a trusted garage as soon as possible, both for your safety and your peace of mind.

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