This Mother’s Day, will your mother comment on the state of your car?

Mine will. In fact, she’ll go further. It’ll start with a poke about my car’s age, follow with an exclamation about its external condition, accelerate with a slam about its internal cleanliness, descend with a left hook about my driving and end with an upper cut that questions my car’s safety, its “integrity.” Which I […]

Late Valentine’s dates in your car

So, Valentine’s day has just ended. Your partner isn’t happy with the amount of ‘effort’ you’ve put in, and you need a way to redeem yourself. Or, maybe you just forgot and are dreading the inevitable question of “where’s my Valentine’s day gift?”. Whatever the situation, don’t panic – we’ve put together some last-minute date […]

MOT Changes 2018

What’s it all about? As you may be aware, the idea of changing the first date of a car’s MOT from three to four years has been scrapped. However, from May 2018 a new set of MOT failures will be introduced in the UK. This includes new minor, major and dangerous defects. MOT tests for […]

MOT Changes Scrapped?

As some of us may remember, January 2017 was the time proposals were made suggesting MOT changes. It was suggested that the date of a car’s first MOT would be moved from three years to four years. An estimate of £100 million a year was thought to be saved by motorists. Also, with the new […]