Late Valentine’s dates in your car

So, Valentine’s day has just ended. Your partner isn’t happy with the amount of ‘effort’ you’ve put in, and you need a way to redeem yourself. Or, maybe you just forgot and are dreading the inevitable question of “where’s my Valentine’s day gift?”. Whatever the situation, don’t panic – we’ve put together some last-minute date […]

MOT Changes 2018

What’s it all about? As you may be aware, the idea of changing the first date of a car’s MOT from three to four years has been scrapped. However, from May 2018 a new set of MOT failures will be introduced in the UK. This includes new minor, major and dangerous defects. MOT tests for […]

MOT Changes Scrapped?

As some of us may remember, January 2017 was the time proposals were made suggesting MOT changes. It was suggested that the date of a car’s first MOT would be moved from three years to four years. An estimate of £100 million a year was thought to be saved by motorists. Also, with the new […]

Service with a smile: the best motorway service stations – and the ones to avoid

Service with a smile the best motorway service stations and the ones to avoid

Whether your car needs fuel or you and your passengers need a pick-me-up, service stations can be a much-needed oasis breaking up the monotony of the motorway desert. Whether it’s over the Christmas holiday period, when an estimated 12 million vehicles crowd Britain’s roads, according to the AA, or during Easter or summer breaks, many […]