Uncertain which documents you need to take to an MOT test

The majority of MOT test centres and garages can now access information online relating to your MOT - including MOT history and certificates - so you may not need to take any documents to your MOT test after all.

In this article, we discuss which documents you will need to take with you to an MOT test - if any - and what you can do if any of these documents are missing.


What Documents Will I Need to Take With Me to an MOT Test?

Generally speaking, you will not need to take any physical documents with you to an MOT test. 

All approved MOT test centres can access information online relating to your vehicle, such as its MOT history and certificates. 

That being said, there are some things which you should bring with you to the test.


Appointment Confirmation

After booking your appointment, the MOT test centre will provide you with an appointment confirmation - which will usually be sent to your email. 

You will need to tell the MOT test centre your booking reference number and vehicle identification number.

If you lose this confirmation information, you may have to rebook the MOT appointment - though the garage will likely have a record of the booking. 

Best to keep the confirmation email to hand, just in case the garage struggles to locate your booking or encounters a technical problem. 


Payment Method

If you have yet to pay, then make sure you bring a payment method with you. 



You will need car insurance in order to legally drive to and from the MOT test centre. 


V5C Log Book

The test centre could ask for the V5C log book during your vehicle’s MOT test - especially if this is the vehicle’s first MOT test.

This log book mentions the driver registration details, service history and taxation history of your vehicle. It has stamps and records from your mechanic, which can be useful for the MOT tester.

Most MOT centres will likely be able to find your V5C information online, but bringing a paper copy can provide the tester with more information and be helpful in the event they find a major fault or technical issue.

If you have lost your original V5C log book - or it has otherwise been stolen or damaged - you can apply online, by post or by phone to get a duplicate.

You will not need to bring your vehicle's V5C log book with you to any subsequent MOTs - unless you have changed your car's registration number since a previous test. 


Do I Need to Bring Last Year's MOT Certificate with Me?

You don't need to bring your current MOT certificate with you to the test - DVLA-approved garages can find this through a digital database.

Keeping a paper copy of your certificate in a safe place will come in handy if you ever come to sell your car on.

A prospective buyer will want to see the certificate as proof that the car is roadworthy - access to computerised records is not available to the general public, so they won't be able to check this otherwise. 

You can check your MOT status online to ensure you have a valid certificate. You can contact the MOT centre where you passed the previous MOT check and provide them with your details to order a replacement MOT certificate if needed.

You can replace your VC5 log book, MOT certificate and appointment confirmation through the DVLA or the MOT centre.

Please note, MOT electronic records are not always reliable, so it is worth ordering replacement documents a couple of weeks before your upcoming MOT inspection, just in case.

You could need these documents in other situations too - like if you want to claim on your insurance after an accident, or to renew your road tax in person.


We hope that you have enjoyed learning what you need to bring with you to an MOT test.


Don't know your vehicle registration?


If you want to prepare your vehicle for an upcoming MOT test, you may wish to book a pre-MOT check near you to give your vehicle the best chance of passing.