If you have purchased a brand new car, then you may not know when you need to book it in for its first MOT. 

MOT rules are slightly different for new cars than for other cars. Whilst the majority of cars require an annual MOT every year, all new cars will have 3 years until they need their first MOT test. 


When Will a New Car Need Its First MOT?

All new cars have 3 years until they will require their first MOT test.

Once this 3 year time period is up, the vehicle will then need an MOT once a year, every year.

Bear in mind that the vehicle's first MOT must be completed by the third anniversary of the car’s registration, rather than the date you first received it. Certain vehicles - such as taxis and ambulances - will need an MOT after 1 year

Whilst MOT testing during these first 3 years is not a legal requirement, booking an MOT sooner can give you peace of mind and confidence in the health of your vehicle.

Alternatively, you may wish to book a car service to ensure that your vehicle is in good working order. You should book a car service for your new car every year so that you can keep the vehicle running smoothly for longer. 


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When Should You Book an MOT For Your New Car?

You should arrange your MOT appointment close to the third anniversary of your vehicle registration. Driving a car without a valid MOT certificate is illegal and could result in hefty fines, or even the cancellation of your car insurance

Registration plates are released in March and September every year, leading to an increase in demand for new cars during this period. Demand for MOTs increases during these months as a result, which is why we would advise that you book your MOT for an earlier month in order to beat the MOT rush - perhaps February or August. 

Going forward, you should count the 12 month period from the date indicated on your MOT test certificate to determine when to book your next MOT. Each new MOT certificate which you are issued with will have a new expiry date, and is valid for 12 months after the vehicle passes its MOT. 


How Should You Prepare Your Vehicle For an MOT Test?

Be sure to check your vehicle ahead of your MOT test, looking for any potential issues which you could have rectified ahead of the test. You may wish to check the condition of your tyres, brakes and lights, and inspect any documentation for your vehicle.

You should also look for any illuminated dashboard warning lights, strange smells or unusual noises

Plenty of issues can be easily fixed by a professional mechanic, giving your vehicle a greater chance of passing the MOT test. 


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We hope that you have enjoyed learning about MOTs for new cars.