Want the best chance of passing your MOT first time? Perhaps it’s time to buy a Ferrari

According to our latest research, Ferrari owners are the most likely to get their vehicle through an MOT first time. The Italian supercar manufacturer was found to have an impressive MOT pass rate of 95.4% for cars aged three years old. Other top spots are filled by competitor prestige brands, including podium finishes for Bentley […]

Euro 2020: Our Car Football Squad

car football representation on pink and blue background with Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Range Rover Sport and Hennessey Venom GT

With the delayed Euro 2020 tournament starting this Friday, we took the opportunity to create our ultimate car football squad. Ignoring all UEFA rules, nationalities and Geographical restrictions, of course. Just like Spain, we don’t think we need 26 players, so we’ve selected the 20 cars that we think could bring the trophy home. We’ve […]