Six questions you should ask when having your car serviced

Car service questions

Just like filling up with fuel or paying tax and insurance, it’s a fact of life that cars need maintaining. Regular servicing doesn’t just catch little niggles before they turn into potentially time-wasting and expensive breakdowns. It also helps to ensure that your car is running as efficiently as possible and therefore using less fuel. […]

Volkswagen owners facing long wait for repairs to emissions scandal cars

Volkswagen owners facing long wait for repairs to dieselgate cars

The majority of Volkswagen owners caught up in the emissions scandal still don’t know when their car will be repaired. After Volkswagen was found guilty of cheating vehicle emissions tests in America in September 2015, it promised to put things right for Volkswagen owners. It claimed it wanted “to regain the trust of our customers.” […]

Dashboard cameras: How to choose the best dashcam

Dashboard camera infographic: How to choose the best dashcam

  They have been likened to guardian angels watching over drivers, so it’s little surprise that dashboard mounted cameras – dashcams – have become the most in-demand gadgets with British drivers. The pocket-size video cameras can record the world outside your car. So if another driver or third party causes an accident, there’s a good […]