Bigger cars: how our motors have evolved

Small city runarounds are growing into bigger cars as times goes by. You’ll struggle to fit even a small car in a garage that was built more than 30 years ago. But those mini motors have become faster, safer and more economical for drivers. To show how our cars are getting bigger we’ve got the ruler out […]

Make money from your car

Make money

For many of us, a car is something that spends much of its life sitting unused, gradually losing value as it accumulates dust and possibly dents. But why not get it to work for a living and make money? There are a variety of ways your car can earn its keep and frequently it’s just […]

Six questions you should ask when having your car serviced

Car service questions

Just like filling up with fuel or paying tax and insurance, it’s a fact of life that cars need maintaining. Regular servicing doesn’t just catch little niggles before they turn into potentially time-wasting and expensive breakdowns. It also helps to ensure that your car is running as efficiently as possible and therefore using less fuel. […]