To find the best deal on your car maintenance, make sure you consider SecretServiceTM, powered by BookMyGarage. We offer exclusive discounts on MOTs and services at franchised dealerships nationwide. With an ever-expanding network and over 60,000 happy customers so far, make sure you book your MOT and service with SecretServiceTM soon. With savings this good, the deals won't hang around - and when they're gone, they're gone!

So, what is SecretServiceTM and how does it work?


How Does SecretServiceTM Work?

A SecretServiceTM is a service and/or MOT at an official main dealer for less than booking direct. Main dealers have a premium reputation, and we want to help every driver experience their quality, no matter what car you drive.

That's why we created SecretServiceTM. We work with many of the leading UK dealerships, offering drivers exclusive deals on their workshop slots. That way, your car gets the quality of care it deserves and you get the very best deal on your service or MOT. What's more, these prices are so low that dealerships don't want anyone else to know about them. 

In order to ensure a booking can be made with no preconceptions, we present the dealer's identity simply as a 'SecretServiceTM dealer. We only reveal it once you complete the booking - just like a secret hotel.

Here's how you can book yours in 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter your vehicle reg and postcode to be instantly matched with the most relevant SecretServiceTM branch for your make and model. We choose this based on several factors, including your distance, review scores and discounted prices offered. We always prioritise any dealership that lists your make as its speciality.
  2. View the dealership's discounted prices, any additional product(s) offered and their general location. You also get a chance to read their reviews.
  3. Finally, choose a suitable date and time for the work and complete your booking. Then, we reveal the dealership's identity - but that's strictly for your eyes only!

Most importantly, you always deal with the dealership directly. That includes payment -  and you never enter any payment details while booking. You always pay after all the work has been completed. Finally, you can cancel for free at any time if you're not happy with the choice.

Enter your vehicle reg and postcode now to find your nearest SecretServiceTM branch and secure your exclusive discount.


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What Do We Mean By 'Franchised Dealership'?

A franchised dealership differs from an independent garage because it will have a contract with one or more manufacturers. This certifies them to sell new or used cars and repair vehicles as part of an 'aftersales' care program. 'Aftersales' refers to servicing, warranties and any other care the vehicle needs after the initial purchase. Franchised dealerships are also authorised to carry out recall checks and apply electronic updates when necessary.

Simply put, car manufacturers trust franchised dealerships to deliver high-quality work on all vehicles. However, they generally specialise in one or two makes, so they can look after these cars to an even higher standard.

Franchised dealerships are fairly easy to spot. Their modern buildings have manufacturer's logos all over them. In their workshops, you'll find manufacturer-trained technicians, the latest equipment and genuine (or equivalent) parts. That's why they're known as the 'gold standard' of car servicing.


Why Aren’t Franchised Dealership Services More Popular?

You'd think that franchised dealerships would be incredibly popular for car servicing. After all, you get high-quality work from technicians that your manufacturer trusts. However, many drivers don't even know about the quality a franchised dealership can offer them, especially if they drive an older car!

Well, we're here to tell you that dealerships DO care about older cars, and they're just as happy to service that as they are a brand-new vehicle. With fewer UK drivers buying new cars every year, dealerships have switched some of their focus towards the "aftersales" market. They're passionate about delivering their high-quality work to as many drivers as possible, especially those driving older vehicles. But that means attracting drivers who wouldn't normally consider them to fill the spare capacity in their workshops.

Now that franchised dealerships' priorities have changed, SecretServiceTM is helping to connect drivers of older cars with these main dealers by offering great deals on servicing and MOTs. A driver of an older car just like yourself, perhaps?


How Much Can I Save When I Book a SecretServiceTM?

In order to fill workshop slots, franchised dealerships lower their prices - but that isn't great for their reputation. They don't want to be associated with cut-price deals because drivers know them as high-end brands that offer premium services.

That's why SecretServiceTM is the perfect solution for franchised dealerships.

We offer their excess availability at prices so low that dealerships don't want anyone else to know - so we keep their identity a secret until after you've made the booking. That way, there are no preconceptions and you get a premium service for the same price as an independent garage - and sometimes even cheaper. That's why SecretServiceTM is a win-win for both drivers and dealerships. 

When you book a SecretServiceTM, you get a high-quality experience for less than booking direct. It's as simple as that. Enter your vehicle reg and postcode to see the exclusive deals in your area today.


Who is SecretServiceTM Aimed At?

SecretServiceTM is aimed at drivers of 4+-year-old vehicles. Even if you've never used a franchised dealership before, you can still access their quality workmanship and customer service.

Surprised? Well, there are several common misconceptions about booking a car service at a franchised dealership:


They Don't Work on Cars More Than 3-Years-Old

Franchised dealerships are happy to work on vehicles of any age. They don't even care if they're 15 years old and have 150,000 miles on the clock!


They Only Work on Cars They Sell

Traditionally, franchised dealerships found it easier to keep customers they have sold vehicles to, but that doesn't mean they only work on these cars. Nowadays, most franchised dealerships provide servicing for all makes and models.


They Only Sell Cars

Dealerships may have prioritised selling cars in the past, but the workshops have always been there. The fact that they are usually hidden away from the shiny showrooms confuses people!


They're Far Too Expensive

Franchised dealerships have to be competitively priced to attract customers. What's more, they also run promotions and marketing campaigns to encourage more drivers to book. Plus, as we've already mentioned, SecretServiceTM offers exclusive discounts to drivers. This can make your car maintenance extremely affordable.


So why should you choose a SecretServiceTM over an independent garage?


Why Your Car Deserves a SecretServiceTM

Franchised dealerships are the experts who know your vehicle best. If you book your car service at one, you get an unrivalled standard of care and attention. These dealerships must stick to certain standards to keep their franchised status and manufacturer contracts. This means they always hold themselves to the highest standards, use genuine (or equivalent) parts and undertake regular training to keep their skills sharp.

You also receive excellent customer service. Franchised dealerships have large, dedicated customer service teams that focus on giving you the best experience. Plus, gleaming facilities and onsite refreshments make waiting around for your car much more appealing. As an added bonus, they even offer a range of additional services. You can choose to add vehicle collection and delivery, a wash and vac or a loan car to your booking if you so desire.

In short, your car gets the quality it deserves, no matter its age, and you pay the price you deserve.  It's the 'gold standard' for a reason, so you know it makes sense. Enter your vehicle reg and postcode to find a participating SecretServiceTM garage near you and book online.



Can I Use SecretServiceTM to Book My MOT As Well?

Yes, you can book your MOT at a franchised dealership and you receive the same benefits as if you'd booked a service when you do so. On top of that, you can also book any and all repair work through SecretServiceTM.


Which Franchised Dealerships Are Available Through SecretServiceTM?

We're partnered with more than 35 dealership groups, including many branches from 3 of the top 5 AM100 franchised dealerships. These are the best dealerships in the UK who consistently hit the highest standards for aftersales care and customer service. But even they have empty workshop slots that need to be filled!


What Makes Is SecretServiceTM Open To?

SecretService is open to drivers of all makes and models. However, many drivers want specialist care from a dedicated dealership for their make. You can book an MOT or service through SecretService at the following specialist main dealers: 


Book Your SecretServiceTM Today

It makes sense to book premium aftercare for your vehicle at a very affordable price. If you care about your 4+-year-old vehicle, treat it to the 'gold standard' of car maintenance for its next MOT, service or repair.

Enter your vehicle reg and postcode into our online booking tool to see if there is a participating SecretServiceTM dealership near you. It will appear at the top with a generic name (such as 'SecretService Southampton') and with their logo hidden behind ours. However, you're always able to see their full price list, general location and reviews and ratings. That way, you can make the most informed decision.

Once you've confirmed the booking, we'll let you in on the secret. What's more, you always deal with the dealership directly, only pay them after the work has been completed and can cancel for free at any time if you're not happy with the choice (but we're sure that you will be!) Book your SecretServiceTM now.




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