SecretService – Get a Dealership Service or MOT at an Independent Garage Price

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We’re excited to tell you about SecretServiceTM, a new and unique way to get your car serviced. It’s exclusive to BookMyGarage customers! In a nutshell, we bulk-buy car service slots at discounted rates from car manufacturer’s dealerships nationwide and pass the savings on to you.

So, have your car looked after by manufacturer-trained technicians, receive an unparalleled level of customer service at all times and pay only when the work is complete, not upfront. SecretServiceTM is not available in all postcodes as yet, but soon will be!


What’s the Basic Premise Behind SecretServiceTM?

SecretServiceTM is based on the same concept employed by the hotel industry, which uses descriptions like “secret escapes” to fill empty rooms and attract new customers. Everyone knows how it works: the name of the hotel is deliberately hidden until after the purchase has been completed, but the price is much lower than usual.

Similarly, with SecretServiceTM, car dealerships can fill excess space in their car servicing workshops and also appeal in a new way to motorists who, for a whole variety of reasons, wouldn’t normally consider them for any type of car service.



What is a Car Dealership Anyway?

A car dealership is a garage that primarily sells new cars to the public based on contractual agreements with one or more car manufacturers. It may also sell used cars that have been traded in as part of a new car purchase. They are typically easy to spot compared to traditional garages because of all the manufacturer’s logos covering their modern-looking buildings.

Cars need to be looked after, so all dealerships have maintenance facilities filled with fully-trained factory technicians, the latest equipment and the manufacturer’s precision-engineered parts. They are also able to carry out recall checks when a car is with them, as well as update the car’s onboard systems with updated factory settings when necessary.


So, Why Don’t Drivers Use Dealerships to Get Their Cars Serviced?

Amazingly, many motorists don’t even think dealerships do car maintenance, as all they see is the gleaming façade of the sales showroom. They are oblivious to the mechanics squirrelling away in the workshop behind it. And probably because of the shiny floors and stylish furniture, they also consider dealerships to be expensive.

They also seem to believe that dealerships only perform work on cars that they have sold, or are those of a certain brand, which is not true in most cases. Plus, they don’t think they perform MOT tests because they also assume they never work on cars that are more than three-years-old. In fact, they all do!



Well, Are Dealerships More Expensive?

Most of the advice you read will suggest that independent garages are cheaper than dealerships for car servicing. But, like any business, dealerships often run promotions and other marketing programmes that make them more competitive within the market sector.

And, once in a very rare while, an option comes along that makes choosing a dealership an extremely compelling proposition. SecretServiceTM is here! The discounts we have negotiated for you have dramatically lowered the cost of getting your car serviced by a dealership. Some are now cheaper than independent garages!


But Don’t Dealerships Just Want to Sell Cars, Rather Than Service Them?

When new car sales were booming, dealerships weren’t that bothered about what they call the “aftersales” market. This market includes the sale and servicing of older cars. But times have changed. The total number of new cars sold has plummeted and new ideas were needed.

While looking around their facilities they soon realised that, for years, they’d had loads of spare capacity in their maintenance workshops. An easy way to make up for the loss of new car sales would be by using that space and soon SecretServiceTM was born.



Why Don’t They Just Fill the Workshops With Car Servicing Work Themselves?

It’s not that easy. Whenever a business has an excess of a product or service, the typical way to fix the problem is by lowering the price. But dealerships know that if they do that themselves, using their own names, their reputation as a high-end brand would be damaged.


And SecretServiceTM Solves This Conundrum For Them?

Yes! A motorist who searches for a car service on sees a great deal under the name of SecretServiceTM, not the name of the dealership. They only find out who the dealership is after the booking has been completed.

Also, we buy the car servicing slots in bulk. So, even though they are discounted, the size of our commitment makes it economically viable for dealerships. We’ve heard that motorists are amazed at the value they are getting!



What Sort of a Saving Are We Talking About?

Our data suggests that a motorist could save up to 70% on the price of typical car service. But that’s only part of the story. SecretServiceTM means the motorist is guaranteed to receive excellent dealership-quality customer service too.

While getting a SecretServiceTM at a dealership, you’ll get a complimentary drink while luxuriating in their executive lounge. And, as an added bonus, your car could be collected, washed and delivered, if desired, also at a discounted rate.



How Do I get a SecretServiceTM?

Just pop your car registration number and postcode into to quickly and easily complete your booking! If a SecretServiceTM is available near you, it will appear at the top of the listings. That’s because it will be such a fantastic deal!

Remember, you can book up to 24 hours in advance of your desired service slot time and you pay only when the work is complete, not upfront. The dealership’s name is revealed only after the booking is made, but rest assured, the location of the dealership is within eight miles of your postcode.

So, if you need an MOT or car service, then give SecretServiceTM a go now! This great deal is only available from BookMyGarage, not from any dealership directly. When you see the dealership’s name, location and price in your booking confirmation email, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!


Libby Simmons

Libby has been working for BookMyGarage writing articles, creating newsletters and handling the social media platforms. She works closely with ex-mechanics and subject matter experts to provide weekly blogs: essential advice on how to care for your car, need-to-know news and developments in the motoring world and helpful tips on how to cut the costs of running and maintaining your car.

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