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What is wheel balancing?

Any rotating object has to be balanced in order to reduce vibration and optimise its performance. We're all familiar with the vibration caused by an unevenly loaded washing machine drum; that's what your car tyres have to endure if the wheels have not been properly balanced. As a tyre wears, its balance may change slightly. And when you have new car tyres fitted, you will definitely need to have your wheels balanced.

If your car has a wheel that is out of balance, you will probably notice it most at speed. Often you will find there is a particular speed where this is most noticeable, and you’ll feel it through your steering wheel.

Your garage will usually take the wheel off the car to check its balance. They put the wheel in a machine that spins the it, and measures the vibration. The mechanic adds small weights to the rim of the wheel - the balancing machine tells him where to attach them - and the mechanic repeats the test until the wheel is satisfactorily balanced.

Why should I book wheel balancing?

Car tyres which are fitted on wheels that have not been properly balanced will wear very unevenly and very quickly. Even over just a few miles, the vibration causes the car tyres to rub against the road surface; this acts like sandpaper to remove the tread on the tyres. As a result, your car won't grip the road as effectively and could quickly become dangerous to drive. What's more, on the front wheels the vibration can be felt through the steering wheel, which causes annoyance and discomfort to the driver.

Wheel balancing is essential for car tyres because it reduces wear - leading to longer tyre life, improves car handling and performance, and increases driver satisfaction and comfort. The cost of wheel balancing is small but the benefits are tremendous.

Find a trusted, local garage to carry out wheel balancing at BookMyGarage, or call one of our expert mechanics on 03304 004439 for help and advice.

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