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Find the best price & book an appointment in 3 steps

4.7* on Trustpilot

*Based on Trustpilot: out average rating
4.7 out of 5 from 4651 reviews.

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4.7/5 based on over 4651 Trustpilot reviews*
* Based on Trustpilot: our average rating 4.7/5 from 4,651 reviews.

What is Wheel Balancing?

Wheel balancing ensures that the weight of the wheel and tyre is even around the axle. This allows it to rotate efficiently at high speeds.

Correctly balanced wheels reduce vibration, making your driving experience much more comfortable.


Why is Wheel Balancing Important?

Correct wheel balancing prolongs the lifespan of your tyres. Tyres which are unbalanced will wear quickly and unevenly, due to the inconsistent contact between the road and the tyre. This increases friction wear in some places and can lead to more frequent tyre changes.

Not only that, but the discomfort of driving with unbalanced wheels is very unsafe. It reduces your control over your car and can cause you to lose concentration or have an accident.

If you suspect your wheels are unbalanced, book a wheel balancing appointment at a garage near you as soon as possible.


Why Book Wheel Balancing Near You Through BookMyGarage?

We have helped over 5 million drivers compare and save on their MOT, servicing and repair costs at local garages. In fact, when you compare garages near you through our online comparison site, you can save up to 70% when you choose one of the lower-cost options!

As one of the UK’s leading MOT and service comparison sites, we’re dedicated to helping drivers save money on their car maintenance. Here are just some of the ways we keep you in control of your booking your wheel balancing:


No Upfront Payment. You never enter any payment details when you book your car's wheel balancing. We never charge you any fees to use our site and you always pay the garage directly after the appointment.

Filter Garages Your Way. Whether you want to book the cheapest wheel balancing or care more about the garage’s reviews, we’ve got you covered. You can filter your search results by price, reviews & ratings, distance, availability and additional services to find the best deal for your needs.

24/7 Online Booking. When you need an appointment, you want to book it as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait around for the garage to open so you can call up and get it sorted - and with BookMyGarage, you don’t have to. We allow you to make your appointment day or night, even when the garage is closed.

Easy 3-Step Booking Process. There’s no upfront registration and no faff. You just provide your vehicle’s details, choose the best deal and provide a suitable date and time for your tyre balancing. That gives you more time to do the things you care about.


Compare deals and save up to 70% on your car maintenance when you choose one of the lower-cost options through BookMyGarage. Enter your vehicle reg and postcode to compare instant wheel balancing costs and book the best deal today.


How to Book Your Wheel Balancing

  1. Enter your vehicle reg and postcode.
  2. Compare deals. You can sort garages in your area by whatever best suits your needs: price, distance, reviews and ratings or availability.
  3. Pick a date and time for your appointment.


After you book a wheel balancing appointment near you, we send you a confirmation email with a summary of your booking. We also inform the garage and they may also be in touch to confirm the appointment or to ask for extra details.


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How Are Wheels Balanced?

Wheels are balanced by placing tiny counter-weights at specific points around the wheel. A technician removes the wheels from your car during a wheel balancing because they get spun around in a special machine. This measures the vibration and indicates how many weights they need to add to balance the tyre.

They repeat this process until the machine reports that the wheel is properly balanced. 


What Are the Signs That a Car Needs Wheel Balancing?

If you notice any of the following warning signs, it is likely that your wheels are unbalanced:

  • Your car’s tyres are wearing out quickly or unevenly.
  • Your car feels like it is wobbling once it passes around 40mph.
  • The steering wheel of your car starts shaking.
  • You feel uncomfortable vibrations through the steering wheel at high speed
  • There is a change in your steering sensitivity


You should book a wheel balancing appointment if you notice any of these issues.


How Long Does Wheel Balancing Take?

Wheel balancing usually takes between 30-60 minutes. It isn't a complicated job so it can take less time, depending on how many wheels you need balanced.


What Causes Wheel Balancing Problems?

Wheel balancing problems are caused by several issues. These include:

  • Replacing tyres without balancing them
  • Altering the ride height of your car without rebalancing the wheels
  • Ageing, worn or damaged suspension parts


How Much Does Wheel Balancing Cost?

On average, wheel balancing costs between £10 and £20 per wheel. This is generally included in the cost of a tyre fitting due to the importance of having balanced wheels.


How Does Wheel Balancing Differ From Wheel Alignment?

Wheel balancing focuses on keeping your car's wheels rotating evenly, while wheel alignment keeps all four wheels pointing in the right direction and tracking correctly. Wheel balancing only deals with your car's tyres, wheel alignment involves suspension modifications as well.

This means that wheel balancing and alignment both play very important roles in keeping your car driving smoothly and safely. It also means that you shouldn't ignore either service, either while fitting new tyres or as part of your regular maintenance plan.


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