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Vauxhall MOT & Service deals in Gloucester from only £79

e.g. interim service for a < 1.2L engine car is £79

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How to book a SecretService™

Book online

Choose your service, MOT or repair

Enter your car registration for an instant price that you can book for free 24/7. Find out your MOT due date too!

Collect car

Book your appointment to suit you

Request a time and date, enter your details and book. We will then reveal who your SecretService™ garage is.

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No credit card needed! - You won't need to pay anything until the work has been completed.

What is SecretService™

To prevent the erosion of a franchised dealer's brand through an on-going association with lower pricing, the name of the franchised dealer is hidden behind a SecretService™ logo and is only revealed once a booking is made. Rest assured, it’s close by though.

Why are they doing it?
Motorists tend to believe, incorrectly, that franchised dealers do not perform MOTs and do not work on older cars, so SecretService™ enables franchised dealers to attract motorists who would not normally consider them.

What do we do?
Bulk-buy a large number of service slots in advance and wait for the magic to happen. We love a good surprise.

Who do you pay?
The dealership, but only when the work is complete. We’re just here to get you a great service at a bargain price.

Unbeatable prices

Quality dealership experience at independent garage pricing.

5-Star service

Technicians are trained by Vauxhall to their high standards.

Pay on the day

You won't need to pay anything until the work has been completed.

Location and Map of SecretService™ Vauxhall Gloucester

MOT & Service from only £79

Discounted servicing starting from £79

MOT from £19 with your discounted full service

How much does a Vauxhall SecretService™ cost?

The cost of a Vauxhall SecretService at this dealership in Gloucester will differ depending on the model of your Vauxhall, its engine size and the type of service that you require. There are three service options: interim service, full service and major service – all follow our industry standard service schedule and these can be compared here if you aren’t sure which service to book. The table below gives an indication of the different prices charged for a Vauxhall dealership SecretService in Gloucester.

Model Interim Service Full Service Major Service
Vauxhall Corsa £98.94 £138.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Corsa + MOT £128.94 £157.88 £188.83
Vauxhall Astra £98.94 £138.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Astra + MOT £128.94 £157.88 £188.83
Vauxhall Zafira £98.94 £158.88 £198.82
Vauxhall Zafira + MOT £128.94 £172.88 £198.83
Vauxhall Combo Tour £98.94 £138.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Combo Tour + MOT £128.94 £157.88 £188.83
Vauxhall Insignia £98.94 £148.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Insignia + MOT £128.94 £167.88 £188.83
Vauxhall Vectra £98.94 £153.88 £198.82
Vauxhall Vectra + MOT £128.94 £172.88 £198.83
Vauxhall Aglia £98.94 £128.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Aglia + MOT £128.94 £157.88 £188.83

This table uses pricing data which is taken from average engine sizes for the vehicle types (as of 10/10/2018) and actual pricing will depend on your vehicle engine size and type, please enter your VRM for actual prices. Once you have done this, you can book online to lock in the price for up to a year.

Secret Service experience

The Benefits of a Vauxhall Dealership

Surely that means they are really expensive to start with? False economy can happen if a garage does not do the job you hoped for, and we know that won’t happen at this Vauxhall garage in Gloucester. They are the best people to service, fix and MOT your car so by taking advantage of the SecretService™ deal you can actually end up saving even more money in the long run as they will have a detailed history of your vehicle. We also know that main dealerships have customer service staff which you are unlikely to find in a small garage. Getting a car serviced is something we often forget to do until the MOT rolls around. This means you can get your car service and MOT while saving time and money.

The Vauxhall Mark of Reliability

Vauxhall cars have been honed over the years to offer motorists reliable performance in a beautifully designed shell. It is little wonder so many drivers choose Vauxhall as they have an excellent range of cars and offer a cracking range of customizability that means no matter what your family needs you can fit it in your vehicle and get the job done. By keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition, you can be assured of many hassle-free motoring years to come and know that by using this main Vauxhall dealership in Gloucester, you have preserved the value of the car when it is time to choose a new one.

Secret Service experience

Genuine Vauxhall parts

Only original equipment manufacturer parts directly from Vauxhall will be used which are much better for the performance and reliability of your car.

Luxurious experience

You will be taken care of just as well as your car, with luxurious waiting areas and even a cup of coffee or tea while you wait.

Easily Book online

Enter your vehicle registration number below for an instant discounted quote - at a fixed price. It's quick and easily book online.

Get an instant price you can book for free 24/7!

Pay when the work is done · Approved Vauxhall parts · Fully qualified technicians

MOT & Service from only £79

Discounted servicing starting from £79

MOT from £19 with your discounted full service