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Enter Your Reg and Postcode to Compare Exhaust Repair Deals in Rayleigh

4.7* on Trustpilot

*Based on Trustpilot: out average rating
4.7 out of 5 from 5743 reviews.

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* Based on Trustpilot: our average rating 4.7/5 from 5,743 reviews.
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A car exhaust prevents much of the harmful gas produced during combustion from escaping into the atmosphere. It consists of a series of pipes leading from your engine to an open tailpipe that releases exhaust fumes. Its main purpose is to capture Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide and convert them into less harmful gases. It does this through chemical reactions before releasing them into the environment.

However, your exhaust can easily develop problems. When this happens, you need to book an exhaust repair or replacement near you as soon as possible.

What Causes Car Exhaust Problems?

While an exhaust is designed to last around 8 years or 100,000 miles, it can be damaged by high curbs, speed bumps or other large obstacles, especially if you drive over them at speed. However, rust and corrosion are the main causes of exhaust problems.

Exhaust gases are highly corrosive and can also create moisture within the exhaust. If you regularly complete short journeys, you can make the problem worse. This is because the exhaust doesn’t have time to get hot enough to work properly. That means the moisture sits around and causes rust and acidic corrosion which can create holes in your exhaust system.

This can shorten your exhaust’s lifespan and increase the need for an exhaust repair or replacement.

Exhaust Repair vs Exhaust Replacement

Sometimes, your exhaust problem can be fixed by a high-quality repair. Other times, the entire system needs replacing to make your car safe to drive again. This depends on the problem you’re experiencing.

An exhaust repair is only effective if you have minor damage. An exhaust replacement is the most common solution, but your chosen mechanic will be able to help you find the best option to fix your issue.

Why is a Specialist Exhaust Repair Important?

You need to choose a specialist exhaust repair near you for the best results. Your exhaust plays a vital role in making your car as eco-friendly as possible and an exhaust problem can lead to a fine or an MOT failure. An inefficient exhaust also reduces your fuel economy, costing you more money in the long run. It can also cause other engine parts to fail, increasing your future repair bills.

Most importantly, a faulty exhaust can be incredibly dangerous for you and your family. If the exhaust fumes are funnelling into your cabin instead of leaving the rear of your car, you can breathe in some toxic pollutants. This can include Carbon Monoxide. This deadly killer can easily overwhelm anyone quickly. If you feel lightheaded while driving, stop immediately and leave the vehicle.

That’s why you must book an exhaust repair or replacement near you as soon as you notice a problem with your exhaust. Unless you are a trained and experienced mechanic, you should not try and complete the repair yourself.

How Much Does an Exhaust Repair Cost?

The average UK exhaust repair cost is between £300 and £600, depending on what vehicle you drive.

How Much Does an Exhaust Replacement Cost?

An exhaust replacement can cost anywhere between £500 and £2,000. Not only does a replacement cost more, but there are more parts to replace, so it takes longer as well. If this includes the catalytic converter, you will be staring down a £1,000+ repair bill.

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Enter Your Reg Number and Postcode to Compare Deals and Save Up to 70% on Exhaust Repairs

When Do You Know You Need to Book an Exhaust Repair or Replacement?

There are several key warning signs which indicate exhaust problems. If you notice any of the following, you should book an exhaust repair near you as soon as possible.

  • A rattling or vibration in the exhaust. This could mean a missing, loose or damaged joint or mounting or out of place piping.
  • A hissing from underneath the car. This would suggest a cracked or leaking pipe, exhaust manifold or head gasket.
  • A chugging noise indicates a blocked exhaust.
  • Loud noise from the exhaust. This indicates a damaged silencer, either from road debris or a corrosion induced hole.
  • Excessive white smoke, black smoke or blue smoke. This could indicate a range of problems, including a blown head gasket, a coolant leak, overheating or a blocked DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) in diesel cars.
  • Exhaust fumes in the cabin. This is extremely dangerous because you could be exposed to Carbon Monoxide.

How Long Does an Exhaust Repair Take?

An exhaust repair takes between 30-60 minutes on average. However, the more complex jobs can take upwards of 2 hours. Your mechanic will be able to give a time estimate once they have completed their inspection.

How Long Does an Exhaust Replacement Take?

The time to complete an exhaust replacement varies depending on what part needs changing. A catalytic converter change takes about 1-2 hours on average, a muffler and midpipe around 1 hour each and a downpipe, the deepest part of the exhaust, 2-3 hours. The more parts you need to change, the longer the exhaust replacement will take.

This means that a full exhaust replacement can take 7-8 hours.

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You may live within walking distance of a garage which offers most of the services you need. However, by sticking with the nearest garage in Rayleigh you could be missing out on a better deal. What if a garage with a collection / drop off service or courtesy car could do the same job at a good price, without the inconvenience of losing your car for the duration of the repair? BookMyGarage allows you to search for local garages which offer this facility, and compare their prices, all in one session.

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