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What does a car exhaust do?

Your car's exhaust system is made up of several pipes running from the engine, via a catalytic converter or filter and a silencer, to the rear of the vehicle. This takes the engine exhaust gasses away from the engine (and the car's occupants), but it has some other important functions along the way.

When a vehicle's engine is running, it burns fuel to create power through a process called combustion. Combustion produces harmful gases containing dangerous substances which can't be released unaltered into the air. For this reason, the gases must travel through an exhaust system that removes most of the hazardous substances first via the catalytic converter. The system's silencer also muffles a large amount of the noise from the running engine.

In order for a vehicle to run reliably and safely, the exhaust system must be working properly. Sometimes modifying the system helps the gases flow more smoothly and boosts performance and efficiency.

Why might my car need its exhaust repairing?

The most common reason for exhaust failure is simply old age, particularly if you still have a mild steel exhaust. If you typically use your car for frequent short journeys, this can shorten the life of your exhaust too. Short trips are a problem for exhausts as a lot of water is produced as a byproduct of combustion, particularly on startup. Once the car has been running a decent time the water simply evaporates; however, if the engine is stopped before the exhaust is hot, then this water sits in the exhaust causing rust to form from the inside out. The problem is made worse as the water combines with certain compounds in the exhaust gas to form acids which slowly eat through the pipe of the exhaust.

It is usually a straightforward job to get your exhaust repaired. Find a trusted, local garage to do the job for you at Book My Garage or call one of our expert mechanics on 03304 004439 to check if you have a problem with your exhaust and help you choose the best garage to fix them.

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