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*Based on Trustpilot: our average rating
4.7 out of 5 from 5244 reviews.

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DPF Cleaning

Book with a local specialist in 3 steps & never pay until the day

4.7* on Trustpilot

*Based on Trustpilot: out average rating
4.7 out of 5 from 5244 reviews.

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4.7/5 based on over 5244 Trustpilot reviews*
* Based on Trustpilot: our average rating 4.7/5 from 5,244 reviews.

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Don't know your vehicle registration?
DPF Cleaning


Why Use BookMyGarage to Book a DPF Clean?

We have helped over 12.7 million drivers compare and save on their MOT, servicing and repair costs at local garages. That's why we're the UK's leading garage comparison site.

We’re dedicated to helping you save money on your car maintenance. Here are just some of the ways we keep you in control of booking your DPF cleaning:


Clear Communication Throughout. After you make your booking, we’ll never leave you in the dark. Not only do we provide a confirmation email ourselves, but we also pass your contact details on to your chosen garage. This means they can keep in touch throughout the process. They may send you a confirmation email themselves and will contact you whenever there is a development with your DPF cleaning near you. That way, you get the peace of mind you deserve.

No Upfront Payment. You never enter any payment details when you book a DPF clean near you. We never charge you any fees to use our site and you always pay the garage directly after the appointment.

Honest Reviews & Ratings. See what like-minded drivers have to say about every garage on our comparison site to help inform your decision. Always unfiltered and unedited for transparency.

Plenty of Choice. We may recommend certain garages depending on your location, but you always have the final say. There are thousands of fast-fit, independent and franchised garages on our online comparison site, so you’re able to see all your options and choose the best one for you.


You can filter our garages by distance, availability, reviews or extra services offered (such as a loan car or free vehicle collection and delivery). And, by comparing a range of deals, you can find the best DPF cleaning cost in your area.

What’s more, you always pay the garage directly, and never before they’ve finished the work. No-nonsense, straightforward car maintenance – just what you’re looking for. Book your DPF clean online through BookMyGarage today.


How to Book DPF Cleaning Near You

  1. Enter your vehicle reg and postcode.
  2. Compare deals. You can sort garages near you by whatever best suits your needs: price, distance, reviews and ratings or availability.
  3. Pick a date and time for your appointment.


After you book your DPF clean near you, we send you a confirmation email with a summary of your booking. We also inform the garage and they may also be in touch to confirm the appointment or to ask for extra details.

You never pay for your booking until after all the work has been completed and deal with the garage directly after the initial booking process. You also have the ability to change or cancel your booking for free until the day of your appointment.


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Don't know your vehicle registration?
DPF Cleaning


Mobile DPF Cleaning Near You

If you struggle to find time to take your vehicle into a local garage for its maintenance needs, consider booking an appointment with a mobile mechanic near you instead. They come to you and complete the work at a time and place that best suits your schedule.

Here are some of the ways a mobile DPF clean can make your life easier:


Convenience - Rather than having to find time to take your car to a garage and then trying to keep your life on track without it, you can have your DPF clean completed at a location that works best for you. This could be your driveway or a car park at work during your normal day. This helps you avoid disruption.

Flexibility - You may be able to book mobile DPF cleaning on a weekend, evening or even overnight, depending on the mobile mechanics in your area. If your schedule doesn’t really accommodate servicing at a traditional garage, this can make your life easier.

Transparency - You get to see what is happening during your mobile DPF clean at all times. This makes it easier to trust the quality of the work and gives you the peace of mind that all the checks have been completed to the highest standard.

Cheaper - A mobile DPF clean involves less overhead costs and expenses, so they are often at least competitively priced against, if not cheaper than most local garages.


Don't know your vehicle registration?
DPF Cleaning


What is DPF Cleaning?

Unlike petrol cars, diesel engines don’t produce complete combustion so lots of excess emissions would leave the exhaust if the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) didn’t trap them as soot. The DPF then burns this soot off through a process called regeneration. Regeneration reduces the emissions that diesel cars produce, minimising their impact on the environment.

However, this soot and ash builds up over time. If the level reaches 40%, and your DPF cannot initiate the regeneration process, you’ll suffer a lack of performance, increased fuel costs and your car will release more harmful exhaust emissions into the atmosphere.

DPF cleaning uses a mixture of chemicals to flush out the inner workings of your diesel car, helping your DPF filter continue its natural regeneration process. It also helps boost your MPG (Miles Per Gallon), engine performance and helps keep fuel costs down.



When Should I Book a DPF Cleaning Appointment?

If you suspect your Diesel Particulate Filter isn’t regenerating properly, it’s better to act early. Once the DPF is 90% full of ash and soot, your car will enter ‘limp home’ mode, and your only option is an expensive DPF replacement.

‘Limp home’ mode is a safety feature most cars use to prevent detected faults from becoming more serious issues. The car switches off all non-essential parts - it will never cut the engine - and significantly reduces your speed until you fix the problem (in this case, replacing your DPF).

Looking out for DPF problems can help you avoid this. Symptoms of a DPF problem include:

  • A dashboard warning light showing an amber exhaust
  • A loss of power
  • A major increase in fuel consumption
  • Your car fails to initiate DPF regeneration
  • A heavily smoking vehicle or a strong smell of diesel
  • A rising oil level
  • Your automatic start/stop system won’t work

If you notice any of the above, you should book DPF cleaning at a garage near you as soon as possible to avoid making the problem worse. We recommend booking a DPF filter clean every 6 to 9 months to ensure your car is as efficient as possible, and to reduce its impact on the environment.


How Can I Tell if My DPF is Clogged?

If your DPF is clogged or blocked, your car won’t be able to perform properly. This will lead to a number of tell-tale signs:

  • Loss of performance or power
  • Rising oil level
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Heavy smoke from the exhaust
  • You can smell diesel inside the car
  • Amber or Red DPF warning light


If your DPF is significantly clogged, the Regeneration process may also constantly fail or struggle to finish.


What is DPF Regeneration?

DPF Regeneration is the process of removing the soot stored in your filter. During this process, higher exhaust temperatures work to neutralise the soot and leave a thin ashy residue, removing any blockages in your DPF.

There are two types of Regeneration: Active & Passive.

Active Regeneration is initiated by your car’s onboard computer. It injects extra fuel into the exhaust, raising the temperature and burning the soot away quickly.

Passive Regeneration happens naturally when you drive your car at high speeds. The exhaust temperature is naturally higher on the motorway or dual carriageway, so the soot is automatically neutralised.



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