Diesel particulate filters: why it’s illegal to use a car that’s had its DPF removed

Diesel particulate filters: why it's illegal to use a car that's had a DPF removed

Sophisticated filters that prevent harmful emissions from diesel engines entering the atmosphere are being removed by thousands of drivers. Despite it being against the law for a car to be driven without its diesel particular filter (DPF) in place, an investigation by BBC 5 Live revealed that nearly 2000 drivers had been caught doing just […]

5 Awesome Pumpkin Carvings

Pumpkin Carvings for halloween

Have you ever struggled with knowing what to carve out of a pumpkin for Halloween? You’ve probably become a pro at creating the classic smiling “scary” face. Every year, you see people doing creative pumpkin carvings making you think “that’ll be me next year”. It never happens – we’re all so busy with our own […]