On average, a catalytic converter replacement costs between £150 and £900 in the UK.

While replacing a catalytic converter might be expensive, it is undoubtedly cheaper than buying a new car – and the smaller your vehicle, the less you might have to pay.

Read on and find out how much a catalytic converter costs, why it costs so much, and when you should have yours replaced.


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How Much Does a Catalytic Converter Cost in the UK?

The average UK catalytic converter replacement costs between £150 and £900. It can cost over £1,000 in some high-end vehicles.

As with many car repairs, the cost can vary depending on the car you drive.


City Cars & Hatchbacks £150 to £250
Saloons & Estate Cars £300 to £400
Sports & Deluxe Cars £500+


Average Catalytic Converter Cost by Car Make

We’ve sourced estimates for some of the most popular UK car makes.

Each estimate is a range to reflect the differing models each manufacturer produces, as well as the differing labour costs each garage charges.

Here are the average catalytic converter costs by car make in the UK. 


Audi £400 to £500
BMW £530 to £620
Citroen £300 to £450
Dacia £350 to £450
Fiat £400 to £500
Ford £400 to £500
Hyundai £500 to £600
Kia £410 to £510
Mercedes £630 to £720
Nissan £320 to £420
Peugeot £300 to £400
Renault £300 to £400
SEAT £280 to £380
Skoda £440 to £540
Suzuki £300 to £400
Toyota £500 to £600
Vauxhall £420 to £520
Volkswagen £330 to £430


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Why Does a Catalytic Converter Cost So Much?

Catalytic converters are expensive because of the precious metals used to make the part.

The part uses precious metals like platinum, or platinum-like materials such as palladium and rhodium, as a catalyst.

These metals are hard to find and can cost between £30 and £600 per gram.

As these prices continually fluctuate, it can be difficult to predict how much a catalytic converter will cost.

Your car needs to be lifted off the floor – something a mechanic may require specialist tools to do.

This means you may end up paying higher labour costs as this is a major job.


How Can I Keep the Cost of My Catalytic Converter Replacement Down?

The best way of keeping catalytic converter replacement costs down is by noticing exhaust problems early on.

If a warning light is illuminated on your dashboard, don’t ignore it for long.

You can preserve your catalytic converter and increase your changes of passing the MOT emissions test by acting fast.

You can book a catalytic converter replacement early on through BookMyGarage.

Browse and compare local garages to find the best price at a reputable garage in your area.


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