The longer you put off booking your car service, the more issues that are likely to arise.  

If your car service is slightly overdue, then your vehicle should not be too badly impacted by the delay - but you should not put off booking a car service for much longer. 

Read on and find out how long you can delay a car service, and what can happen if you neglect to book a car service regularly. 


How Long Can You Delay a Car Service? 

It is recommended that you book a full service every 12,00 miles.

If you were to exceed this interval by 1000 miles, say, your car will likely not be too impacted by the delay.  

However, if you miss a service entirely, then you can expect to face a series of potential issues with your vehicle, which could all worsen over time.  


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What Happens When You Don’t Service Your Car Regularly? 

A car service may not be a legal requirement in the same way as an MOT, but certain components such as the spark plugs, air filter, braking system and electronics all need to be checked regularly by a specialist.  

Without regular car servicing, your vehicle will be at higher risk of a breakdown as a result.

Not only could your vehicle break down, but your vehicle’s overall lifespan can be shortened if you don’t service your car regularly.  

If you ever hope to sell or part-exchange your vehicle, then a full service history is far more appealing than a partial history.

A full service history proves to potential buyers that your vehicle has been properly maintained and serviced at reputable garages. You will likely get a better price for your car if you keep up with the service schedule. 

Not to mention that you could be invalidating certain warranties if you do not follow the service schedule for your vehicle. 


Does My Car Need a Service? 

If you notice any strange noises or sensations coming from your vehicle, then it could be time to book a car service.  

With regular car servicing, you can avoid any unnecessary repairs by spotting and resolving issues before they develop.  

Make sure that you have your car serviced once every year at least so that you can maintain your car’s health. 


Is It Dangerous to Delay a Car Service? 

If you postpone your yearly car service, this can have a real negative impact on your vehicle’s health.

If your fluid levels are low or you don’t change your oil regularly, then your vehicle could experience serious engine damage.  

During a car service, a skilled mechanic can inspect your engine, transmission, and other vital related components.

Without a regular car service, then the function of these parts could be compromised. This could lead to an increase in harmful emissions levels, which could in turn cause you to fail your next MOT test.  

If your engine is less efficient, then you will probably notice that your fuel consumption increases too.

During a car service, old and inefficient components and consumables can be replaced, which can improve your fuel economy.  

In short, the longer you avoid booking a car service, the more likely you are to spot erratic light activity, strange sounds and other problems with running your vehicle.  


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We hope you have enjoyed learning about the dangers of postponing a car service. Be sure to book a car service at the appropriate intervals, so that you can stay in control of your vehicle's health.