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4-Wheel Alignment Near You

Learn more about what 4-wheel alignment is, when to book it and who to book your appointment with.

4.6* on Trustpilot

*Based on Trustpilot: our average rating
4.6 out of 5 from 5622 reviews.

Learn more about what 4-wheel alignment is, when to book it and who to book your appointment with.

4.6* on Trustpilot

*Based on Trustpilot: out average rating
4.6 out of 5 from 5622 reviews.

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4.6/5 based on over 5622 Trustpilot reviews*
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What is 4-Wheel Alignment?

4-wheel alignment is the process of making sure the wheels of your car all point in the same direction, both in relation to each other and the chassis of the vehicle.

It’s an important process to ensure even tyre wear and a smooth and safe driving experience. As a result, it should be booked at the following intervals:

  • Whenever you notice a problem with your vehicle’s handling or tyre wear.
  • Every time you change your tyres.
  • After a collision, either with another vehicle, pothole or other road hazard.


You may also wish to check your wheel alignment every 2-3 years as part of your regular maintenance schedule, although there is no obligation for you to do so.


Who Can Help with My 4-Wheel Alignment?

Most qualified technicians can help with a 4-wheel alignment, so you can choose any local garage to help with your problem.

If the garage has the specialist equipment on site, they will be able to complete a 4-wheel alignment for your vehicle.


Where Can I Book 4-Wheel Alignment Near Me?

While many garages offer wheel alignment services near you, not all of them actively promote 4-wheel alignment bookings. This is because it’s usually only useful for four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles.

For most drivers, your alignment issues can be solved by completing a front wheel alignment, as these are the only steering wheels of a two-wheel drive vehicle.

However, if you’re sure your car needs all 4 wheels aligned, you can compare options near you to find one that offers a price for this service. We always recommend comparing deals from local garages to ensure you find the best price to make your car maintenance as cost effective as possible.


How Much Does 4-Wheel Alignment Cost?

On average, 4-wheel alignment costs about £70 in the UK.

You may be able to find this cheaper by comparing deals from local garages. Alternatively, your vehicle may only need a front wheel alignment which is slightly cheaper, costing around £40, on average.


What are the Signs My Car Needs a 4-Wheel Alignment?

The symptoms of poor wheel alignment are the same, whether you need a 2- or 4-wheel alignment. If you notice any of the following, you should book an appointment with a local garage as soon as possible:

  • Shaking or vibrations in the steering wheel.
  • Your car drifting or pulling to one side of the road.
  • Uneven tyre wear on one side.
  • Excessive road noise.
  • The steering wheel feels loose.
  • You turn the steering wheel, but the wheels don’t respond.


Can I Complete a 4-Wheel Alignment Myself?

No, you should always book an appointment with a professional mechanic because 4-wheel alignment requires specialist equipment to ensure all four wheels are aligned with each other and the chassis.

If you suspect your wheels are misaligned, you should book an appointment with a professional local garage for an inspection.



How Long Does 4-Wheel Alignment Take?

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