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Enter Your Reg and Postcode to Book a Cambelt Change at a Garage in Huthwaite

4.7* on Trustpilot

*Based on Trustpilot: out average rating
4.7 out of 5 from 5050 reviews.

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A cambelt, also known as a timing belt, regulates the combustion process by synchronising your crankshaft and camshaft which, in turn, open and close the cylinder valves. A cambelt problem can be disastrous for your engine. Your car can’t work properly without this toothed belt - your engine parts will smash together more than 100 times a minute, causing irreversible damage.

That’s why you need to look after it properly and book a timing belt replacement when your car needs it.


When Do I Need to Book a Cambelt Change?


You probably need a cambelt replacement if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • A slapping or grinding noise
  • Your engine cuts out and won't turn over when you turn the key
  • Your car won't start, accompanied by a clunking noise from the engine
  • Rattling or high-pitched sound while your engine is idling
  • Your car leaks oil
  • A glazed, glossy cambelt underside or cracked or fraying cambelt

However, your cambelt may not give any warning signs before failing. If it snaps, you will not be able to drive your car and you should not attempt to do so. Driving without a cambelt can cause serious engine problems, leading to a more expensive repair or irreversible damage.


How Much Does a Cambelt Change Cost?


The average UK cambelt change cost is £350. However, the make and model of vehicle you own does affect this price. For example, a Mercedes or Jaguar cambelt change costs more than Ford, VW or Vauxhall. In fact, it can cost as much as £1,200.


What Causes Cambelt Problems?


There are several reasons why a cambelt can fail but the main cause is old age. Every timing belt has a distinct lifespan and it is likely to snap when it reaches this mileage.

However, a cambelt can also fail due to:

  • Misalignment. A misaligned cambelt is one of the main causes of failure and is usually caused by uneven or excessive wear.
  • Under-tensioned belt. This causes uneven wear and excessive noise while driving.
  • Damaged belt. A worn or damaged belt can significantly reduce the lifespan of your timing belt.
  • Debris. Dirt can rub on the belt, reducing its effectiveness, and oil can attack the belt materials.

While these problems can be caused naturally, an ineffective cambelt change can also lead to extra problems and expense. That’s why you should always choose a reputable garage near you for your replacement.


Enter Your Reg and Postcode to Book a Cambelt Change Near You


A cambelt change can be expensive, but only if you choose the wrong garage. When you need a timing belt replacement, compare and save with BookMyGarage. Just enter your reg number and postcode to see prices from garages near you and choose the best deal. Then, select a time and date to suit you to confirm the booking.

You can filter by reviews, distance, availability or price to keep you in control of your booking. What’s more, you always deal with the garage directly, there is no sign-up, unnecessary repairs or hidden extras and you never pay a penny until after your timing belt change is complete. Compare cambelt change costs on BookMyGarage and save up to 70%.


Enter Your Reg and Postcode to Compare Garages Near You and Save Up to 70% on Your Timing Belt Replacement


Timing Belt Replacement Intervals


A timing belt usually lasts between 40,000 and 100,000 miles or 4-6 years. Each manufacturer recommends a different interval for a replacement, so you should check your vehicle handbook or manufacturer forums to find out yours.

During a car service, a mechanic will also advise you on your timing belt replacement intervals. If it is coming to the end of its lifespan, they will suggest a cambelt change as soon as possible.


How Long Does a Timing Belt Change Take?


A cambelt change takes between 3-6 hours. It is buried deep within the engine and so isn’t very accessible for the mechanic. This means that much of your timing belt cost is made up of labour costs.


Timing Chain Replacement


Some vehicles use a timing chain to regulate the combustion process rather than a cambelt. This looks like a metal bicycle chain and requires lubricant to work. It is much more durable than a timing belt, lasting more than 200,000 miles if looked after well. However, you should book regular oil and filter changes and a timing chain service after 125,000 miles to keep it in good condition.

If your oil pressure falls too low, you may need to book a timing chain replacement. Common warning signs of this are:

  • A misfiring engine while driving
  • Metal shavings in your engine oil
  • Engine rattling while idle

Consult your vehicle handbook to find out whether your vehicle uses a timing chain or timing belt. Failing that, you can check your engine bay for a plastic cover on the right- or left-hand side of your engine. If you see this plastic cover, your car uses a timing belt. If not, it uses a timing chain.

To book a timing chain replacement near you, enter your reg number and postcode into our booking tool and compare garages in your area.


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