Christmas season is here once again, which means jolly evenings out with friends, family, and colleagues. Someone has to be the designated driver, which can mean feeling left out.

An average of 3,551 people are seriously injured in drink driving-related accidents in Great Britain each year. Keep yourself and others safe this Christmas by opting for a non-alcoholic beverage if you’re planning to get behind the wheel.

The non-alcoholic drinks market is booming, so there is no shortage of choice – we’ve compiled a list of the best alcohol-free options, from ready-made cans and bottles to take to a BYOB event, or some delicious festive mocktails for a dinner party.  There’s bound to be something for your taste.


Pre-Made Non-Alcoholic Beverages

These are some of our favourite pre-made drinks that you can take with you to enjoy. If your Christmas party is in a bar or a pub, be sure to ask the bartender about their alcohol-free options – many stock some of the brands listed here, so you don’t have to get stuck with water.


Heineken 0.0

Arguably one of the best alcohol-free lagers on the market right now, and for good reasons – it tastes remarkably similar to the real stuff, as it is brewed from the same natural ingredients: water, barley malt, hop extract, and Heineken® A-Yeast.

Heineken 0.0 is available in most pubs, bars, and supermarkets.


Brewdog IPA Alcohol-Free

For those who like their beer on the hoppy-er side, craft beer kings Brewdog have released several of their iconic brands in NA form. It all started with Punk AF, a spin on their bestselling Punk IPA, and followed up with Lost AF, Nanny State, Elvis Juice, and Hazy AF.

Fruity, hoppy, and malty, these variations of the classics are guaranteed to satisfy any of the drivers. Brewdog restaurants and bars will stock the alcohol-free versions, and variety packs are available from Asda.


Guinness 0%

Everyone’s favourite Irish tipple, Guinness’ non-alcoholic version is taking the industry by storm. Using a unique cold filtration method, Guinness keeps its taste and character since no thermal stress is presented when extracting the alcohol.

Even the most seasoned Guinness drinkers are impressed with the alcohol-free version, so if you’re a fan of the successful stout, be sure to take a few of these to your next booze-free bash.

Some bars and pubs have begun selling Guinness 0%, and you can also get it from supermarkets such as Tesco’s.



Lyres’ goal was to create well-rounded, palate-pleasing spirits without alcohol, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality when you decide not to drink. Whether you’re looking for a non-alcoholic Italian bitter aperitif for an imitation Aperol Spritz, an Agave Blanco for a marvellous mock Margarita or a nutty amaretto flavour to spruce up your cola, Lyres have got you covered.

Browse the full range on their website.



Nozeco is what you think it is – Prosecco with no alcohol. Arguably the closest you’ll get to the real thing, Nozeco is light, bubbly, and doesn’t look out any different in a glass flute. Whether you choose to mix with orange juice for a festive buck’s fizz, enjoy it mixed in with a mocktail, or simply by itself, Nozeco is a wonderful choice for any sparkling wine enthusiast.

It’s inexpensive too – you can grab a full-sized bottle for just £3 from Asda.


Kopparberg Non-Alcoholic

If you’re a fan of Sweden’s fruity ciders, you’re in luck: three of Kopparberg’s tasty flavours are available as non-alcoholic options. Choose from strawberry and lime, mixed fruit, or pear. You’ll struggle to taste the difference between the alcohol-free version and the original, and it’s perfect served over ice and fruit.

Many pubs and bars serve Kopparberg Non Alcoholic beverages, and you can also buy them in either cans or bottles from most leading supermarkets.


Mocktail Recipes As Good As The Real Thing

If you’re a cocktail fan, the options are endless. The majority of bars and restaurants have a mocktail menu, and if not, ask the bartender if they mind whipping you up something.


Passionfruit and Elderflower Spritz

This passionfruit and elderflower spritz is an elegant and fizzy tipple which is both fruity and floral. Serve in a champagne flute with passionfruit seeds for a beautiful, alcohol-free option.

Find the recipe here on BBC Good Food.


Cranberry and Peppermint Mocktail

Using two wonderful Christmassy flavours, this simple yet delicious drink will have you feeling festive in no time. Garnish with fresh cranberries and mint leaves for a truly impressive beverage that will leave you refreshed and hydrated.

Find the recipe on SimplyStacie.


Spiced Apple Fizz

Another fabulously festive tipple, this spiced apple fizz combines apple juice, ginger beer, and cinnamon to provide a drink more exciting than plain apple juice.

Find the recipe on the Sainsbury’s website.


Shirley Temple

Perhaps the most famous mocktail of all time: you can’t go wrong with a Shirley Temple. A classic and sophisticated combination of ginger ale, grenadine, and lime juice, topped with maraschino cherries proves being the designated driver doesn’t have to be tasteless.

Get the recipe on


What’s your go-to non-alcoholic drink when you’re driving? Let us know how you're staying safe in the comments!