Your gearbox is an essential part of your car, and without it, you would not be able to drive or appropriately change speeds. If you are concerned that you may need a gearbox repair, you’ll want to know how much it’s going to cost you in the UK.



The average cost of a gearbox repair in the UK costs between £200 and £500, depending on your car, and the extent of the damage caused. You may have noticed the gears feel sticky and have issues when you try to change gears, or you might have noted a fluid leak beneath your car. Gearbox damage can occur when the gears become misaligned or aren’t lubricated enough – either way, you should book to see a mechanic as soon as possible.


How Much Does a Gearbox Repair Cost?

The average gearbox repair will cost you anywhere between £200 and £500, depending on the make and model of your car, and the extent of the damage. The gearbox is a complex system, so repairing it is not a simple task.


What Does a Gearbox Do?

A gearbox is made up of several mechanisms and is used to transform the speed and the torque. A series of gears slot together and turn, transferring the necessary energy from one gear to another. The size of the gears will make them spin faster or slower, which in turn affects the speed of your car.

Even automatic cars have gearboxes, but instead of the driver changing the gear manually, the car will select the gear for you depending on the speed you are travelling, and the conditions of the road you are on.


Warning Signs You Need A Gearbox Repair

Your car will give you several warning signs if it needs a repair. Watch out for the following:


Poor Response From Your Gearbox

If you notice that you’re having problems shifting gears, you could need a gearbox repair. You may find the gearstick feels ‘sticky’, this could be a sign of electric, hydraulic, or mechanical issues with your gearbox.

It might even be impossible to change gears at all – this means you won’t be able to drive the car and should have it looked at by a professional straight away.


Leaking Fluid

Your transmission system uses fluid to keep it lubricated, clean, and ensure things are moving smoothly. If your car doesn’t have enough fluid, it is not able to run properly.

If you find a bright red, sweet-smelling pool of liquid beside your car, you will have a hole in your system that needs filling. This is a fairly simple job, however, if you discover a darker liquid which smells like burning, you need to get it to a garage for inspection straight away. It is likely that your transmission system has been contaminated and will need to be changed.


Strange Sounds, Smells and Sensations

Usually, a gearbox should be smooth to change gears, more or less silent, and odourless, so if any of these changes, it is an indication that something is wrong.

If your gearbox is clunking, whining, buzzing, or humming, it could be that one of the many parts that make up your gear system is faulty or has moved out of place.

If the box and stick are shaking, grinding, or jerking, you could have an issue with the engine or transmission mounts. Any kind of burning smell seemingly sourced from your gearbox is also something to be concerned about – you should check your transmission fluid to ensure everything is lubricated enough. This could be an indication that there is something wrong with your clutch, so you should take it to a garage to be looked at as soon as possible.


Slipping Gears

‘Slipping gears’ is when your gears begin to slip and feel like they are out of sync and not engaging properly. There is a multitude of reasons why your gears are slipping, and a qualified mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem and work to resolve the issue for you.


What Causes Gearbox Damage?


Corrosion happens when metal is exposed to certain chemicals or excessive moisture – this could come from outside or from cleaning solutions and additives in lubricants.

If your gearbox is corroded it will cease to work correctly, so if you suspect your car has gearbox corrosion, you should take it to a garage to be looked at.


High Stress

Additional amounts of weight or pressure will be transferred to your gearbox, which could cause a gear tooth to chip away, rendering it faulty.

Try to avoid overloading your car where possible, for example, take excess weight such as tools or other heavy belongings out of the boot when they are not needed to reduce strain.


Insufficient Lubrication

Like many aspects of your car, your gearbox needs sufficient lubricant to function properly. Without lubrication, unnecessary amounts of friction between the metal occur, which can cause things to seize up and wear away, leaving you with gearbox damage.

Ensure you are checking your lubricant levels regularly and top up where required to avoid this friction.



Your gears include grooves and teeth that fit together perfectly to control the speed of your car. If any of these teeth become misaligned even by as much as a millimetre, it can throw off the whole operation of the gearbox.

Gear misalignment can be caused by as much as hitting a pothole, so if you suspect your gearbox problem may be down to gearbox misalignment, you should have a garage look at it.


Is it My Clutch or My Gearbox?

Since your clutch and gearbox rely on one another to function correctly, it is important to know which part is causing issues should you have any problems.

The symptoms of both clutch problems and gearbox problems can sometimes overlap. To be sure which components are causing the trouble, you can perform this simple test: turn off the engine and attempt to put your car into gear. If you can select a gear with ease, it is more than likely to be the clutch that is the issue. If you can’t select a gear, your gearbox is to blame.


How To Save Money On Your Gearbox Repair

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