Earn money from your car 2

BookMyGarage infographic showing ways to make money from your car including scrapping it yourself, hiring it out for weddings and track days and renting your parking space

If you commute to work by train, bike or foot, your car is sitting around doing nothing most of the time. Double that if you have a second car that is old, unique or sporty, or perhaps a combination of the three. So how can you earn money from your car? Find out in the second of our two-part series.

Hire it out for weddings

Happy couple on wedding day driving in red convertible hired out to make some more money from a car

If you have a luxurious, large or classic car, there are always people who want something comfortable and a bit different for their wedding. You could offer self-drive where the bride or groom drives the car themselves. But this involves you getting an insurance policy that covers any driver, which can be expensive. The other option is to drive the car yourself. Just dress smartly, drive smoothly and ensure the car is working perfectly. The last thing you want is a client breaking down on their wedding day! But if you have a luxury car you could be earning upwards of £250 a wedding. And of course, you get to see a happy couple enjoy their big day. Just advertise on a site such as Gumtree and wait for the bookings.

Rent your parking space

If you do drive to work and live near to a train station, there is a money-making opportunity just sitting outside your home: your parking space. Many people commute by train but still have to drive to the station and parking fees can be extortionate. In some Surrey station car parks the annual cost is more than £3000. Rent the space outside your house or on your driveway by advertising in local papers or using a specialist site such as YourParkingSpace or JustPark. You could earn between £40 and £400 per month.

Hire your car out for track days

Silver Subaru power sliding on a race track
If you don’t mind someone else enjoying your car, what about hiring it out for track days to make some more money?

If you have a fun sports car that’s frequently sitting around unused there is always the option of renting it out for track days. The logistics of transporting your car to the tracks, maintenance, insurance and potentially recovery can be fairly difficult. The best thing if you decide to do this is to get in touch with a specialist company such as Track Group. It might be interested in taking on your car for mid-week track days. Fees would be quite high. But its cars cost upwards of £795 a day to rent so you could expect a good percentage of that. The main thing to ask yourself is whether you’re happy to have your pride and joy thrashed around a race circuit by a stranger. If you are, it could be a good way to rationalise the expense of a second fun car.

Scrap it yourself

Lots of cars are abandoned or simply traded in for a few pounds when they are beyond fixing. But there are a couple of ways to earn money from a car that’s on its last legs. You could take the car to a scrap car merchant yourself. Even a non-running car will be weighed and given a value based on that. The second option works well if you’re handy with a spanner: strip the useful parts off the car and sell them separately. There’s always a market for second-hand spares, and with websites such as eBay it’s easier than ever to sell them. The engine may have seized in your car but the gearbox could still be worth £200. And the alloy wheels might go for up to £150. If you have the skills, the money could really start adding up.

Become an Uber driver

If you enjoy driving and want your car to earn money there’s always the option of taxi driving. With companies like Uber fast becoming the most popular forms of private hire, it’s a flexible way to make good money on the side. Your car has to be suitable and less than five years old. And you have to get a private hire licence and put your vehicle through a roadworthiness test – essentially a stricter MOT. But once these are done you can join a private hire firm. Uber claims the average driver can earn around £15 per hour after fees.

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