Is your car pulling to the left or to the right? Does the pulling take place when you accelerate, or when you apply the brakes?

To determine why your car is pulling to the side, you will need to gather details like the above so that you can share this with the technician that works on your vehicle.

Read this blog to find out why your car is pulling to one side and what you should do if this happens to you.


Why Is My Car Pulling to the Side?

Steering pull is a safety issue which should not be ignored for long.

You should book an appointment with a professional garage if your car is pulling to the side, as any of the following issues could be to blame.


Incorrect Tyre Pressure

If one of your tyres is less inflated, then your car could veer to one side.

You should properly inflate all of your tyres at your nearest petrol station to the pressure level recommended in your vehicle handbook.


Uneven Tyre Wear

As your tyres begin to wear out, this can cause your car to pull to one side.

Generally speaking, tyre wear often occurs if your tyres are inflated to the incorrect pressure for a sustained period of time.

If your car still pulls to the side even after you have inflated the tyres to the correct pressure, you should check for uneven tyre wear.

You should check for excessive tyre wear regularly – the legal requirement for tyre tread is 1.6mm, with 3mm being recommended for summer tyres and 4mm being recommended for winter tyres.


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Faults in the Braking System

If your tyres aren’t worn unevenly and the tyre pressure is correct, then the braking system could be at fault.

It is likely that the brake discs, pads or brake callipers are wearing out.

Alternatively, the brakes may have seized, or there could be a fault in the ABS system which has led to brake pressure being distributed incorrectly throughout the braking system.

This can explain why the car is pulling in the direction where this force is greatest.

Brakes issues should not be ignored for long – be sure to book a brake repair with a skilled garage as soon as possible.


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Front Brakes (Discs & Pads)


Incorrect Wheel Alignment

One of the most common reasons that your car might be pulling is incorrect wheel alignment.

When your wheels are correctly aligned, the tyres should be in line with the axles, making a rectangle parallel to one another.

Proper wheel alignment can reduce these steering issues, improve the handling and drivability of your vehicle, and even improve fuel economy.

Not to mention that this will reduce wear and tear on your car’s tyres.

Your wheels may out of alignment if you have hit a pothole, kerb, or speed bump – this can also damage your suspension and may even earn you a speeding fine.


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Front Wheel Alignment


A Defect in the Steering or Suspension System

An issue with any of the following parts of the steering and suspension system could explain why your car is pulling to the left or right:

  • Shock absorber
  • Inner tie rod
  • Steering rack
  • Sway bar
  • Coil spring
  • Drive shaft
  • Control arms

In addition to the above, the issue could be a bad wheel bearing, worn steering linkage, a worn tie rod, or an uncalibrated steering angle sensor.

If your car is pulling to the left or the right, make sure that you book an appointment with a skilled garage as soon as possible.


What Should I Do If My Car Pulls to the Left or Right?

Firstly, you need to determine the nature of the pull.

Does your car only pull to the left or the right? Do you only notice this when you accelerate or brake?

Making a note of these details can really help your mechanic get to the bottom of the problem quicker.

If your car pulls to the side whilst braking – and you know that your tyres are at the recommended pressure levels following an alignment – then there could be a sticking brake caliper or restricted brake line which needs to be addressed.

Please put your safety first and make sure that you have any issues with your vehicle looked at right away.


Is your car pulling to the side? Make sure that you address the problem causing the issue as soon as you can.