Porsche, Land Rover and Mercedes top the list of least reliable car makers, according to warranty provider

The most unreliable car makers of 2016

From Alfa Romeo to Porsche, Land Rover to Mercedes-Benz, the names read like a who’s who of the car world. But beyond the glamorous image and – some would say – premium prices drivers pay to own these cars is an uncomfortable truth: they build some of the least reliable cars on the road. The […]

Car safety features explained

Car safety features explained

Life-saving safety features should be one of the first considerations for drivers choosing any car. But increasing complexity and baffling technical jargon means many motorists are in the dark when it comes understanding the gadgets and gizmos their car offers.   Whether that is preventing drivers from correctly operating their own car, or confusing them about […]

Changing the MOT test to fourth year will put more dangerous cars on the road, say experts

Mechanic inspecting the track rod end

Car industry experts led by BookMyGarage are warning of an impending MOT danger. It follows revelations that the government has begun a consultation on proposed changes to the MOT vehicle test. Industry bosses are warning that adding a year’s exemption to the MOT test will put more dangerous cars on Britain’s roads, risking lives. The […]