What is All-in?

black and white image of Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi badges

It can be expensive to keep your car in the condition you love. Warranties, servicing, MOTs and other general repairs all add up – but what if there was a cheaper way? What if you could go all-in on your car maintenance and save at least £650 on the individual RRP? Thanks to Volkswagen Group, […]

Car Service Cost: Independent Garages vs Franchised Dealerships

car service cost: independent garages vs franchised dealerships in white text over a car mechanic inspecting the suspension of a vehicle

You might think that your car service will always cost less when booked with an independent garage. But that’s far from true. Many franchised dealerships offer discounted MOT and service deals to out of warranty drivers, and the best deals are found exclusively through SecretServiceTM.   What Do We Mean By ‘Franchised Dealership’? Franchised car […]