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Vauxhall MOT & Service deals in Leamington Spa from £19 with your discounted full service

e.g. interim service for a < 1.2L engine car is from £19 with your discounted full service

Don't pay until the day

Join the 4,139,135 happy drivers who've got instant prices to book servicing, MOTs and repairs

Get free collection & delivery too!

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How to book a SecretService™

Book online

Choose your service, MOT or repair

Enter your car registration for an instant price that you can book for free 24/7. Find out your MOT due date too!

Collect car

Have your car collected for free

We understand how your time can be precious, so we will have your car collected for you at no extra cost.

Drop off car

Sit back, relax and wait for it's return

You’ll receive the full, quality franchise experience and your car returned, washed!

What is SecretService™

To prevent the erosion of a franchised dealer's brand through an on-going association with lower pricing, the name of the franchised dealer is hidden behind a SecretService™ logo and is only revealed once a booking is made. Rest assured, it’s close by though.

Why are they doing it?
Motorists tend to believe, incorrectly, that franchised dealers do not perform MOTs and do not work on older cars, so SecretService™ enables franchised dealers to attract motorists who would not normally consider them.

What do we do?
Bulk-buy a large number of service slots in advance and wait for the magic to happen. We love a good surprise.

Who do you pay?
The dealership, but only when the work is complete. We’re just here to get you a great service at a bargain price.

Unbeatable prices

Quality dealership experience at independent garage pricing.

5-Star service

Technicians are trained by Vauxhall to their high standards.

Pay on the day

You won't need to pay anything until the work has been completed.

Location and Map of SecretService™ Vauxhall Leamington Spa

MOT & Service from £19 with your discounted full service

Discounted servicing starting from £99

Free Collection & delivery

How much does a Vauxhall SecretService™ cost?

The cost of a Vauxhall SecretService at this dealership in Leamington Spa will differ depending on the model of your Vauxhall, its engine size and the type of service that you require. There are three service options: interim service, full service and major service – all follow our industry standard service schedule and these can be compared here if you aren’t sure which service to book. The table below gives an indication of the different prices charged for a Vauxhall dealership SecretService in Leamington Spa.

Model Interim Service Full Service Major Service
Vauxhall Corsa £98.94 £138.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Corsa + MOT £128.94 £157.88 £188.83
Vauxhall Astra £98.94 £138.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Astra + MOT £128.94 £157.88 £188.83
Vauxhall Zafira £98.94 £158.88 £198.82
Vauxhall Zafira + MOT £128.94 £172.88 £198.83
Vauxhall Combo Tour £98.94 £138.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Combo Tour + MOT £128.94 £157.88 £188.83
Vauxhall Insignia £98.94 £148.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Insignia + MOT £128.94 £167.88 £188.83
Vauxhall Vectra £98.94 £153.88 £198.82
Vauxhall Vectra + MOT £128.94 £172.88 £198.83
Vauxhall Aglia £98.94 £128.88 £188.82
Vauxhall Aglia + MOT £128.94 £157.88 £188.83

This table uses pricing data which is taken from average engine sizes for the vehicle types (as of 10/10/2018) and actual pricing will depend on your vehicle engine size and type, please enter your VRM for actual prices. Once you have done this, you can book online to lock in the price for up to a year.

Secret Service experience

Savvy technicians

All the mechanics at this Vauxhall dealership were trained by Vauxhall themselves and go through on-going programmes to ensure they are aware of everything to do with your car. If there are any recalls on it, or any software updates for it, they are totally up-to-date. Within arm’s reach they have every original part your car might require, and everything is backed by a full warranty lasting 12 months. You’ll appreciate getting that Vauxhall service stamp in your car’s logbook when you come to sell your car too, as it’s an official seal of approval from the manufacturer. Sounds good, right? Especially when compared to going to your local garage. So, book up your slot now, its quick, easy and entirely hassle-free! You’ll be glad you did!

Putting the Royal back into Leamington Spa

You’ll be treated royally at this dealership and you’ll get to enjoy the stellar treatment as soon as you walk in the door. Once you’ve been greeted, you’ll be guided to a superb executive lounge, where you can feast on top-end snacks and drinks. There you can play on the internet using their free wi-fi or relax in front of their HD television.

The number of servicing slots at this Vauxhall dealership are limited, because we were only able to bolt down their spare workshop capacity that the dealership didn’t think it would use. But the low pricing we are offering to you means that they’ll be taken up early, so if you are fussy about the date and time of your car service, enter your vehicle registration below to get a sense of what’s available.

Secret Service experience

Nowhere else has this deal

MOTs cost next to nothing when booked with a major service using SecretService™, so give it a go, it’s quick and easy to book.

The mystery is soon solved

Sure, we don’t reveal the dealership’s name at first, but rest assured, all details you’ll need are in the booking confirmation email we send out.

Dealerships are wisest

Vauxhall manufacturered your car and all the bespoke systems and tools used to diagnose problems, so surely they are the obvious choice for your car’s service.

Get an instant price you can book for free 24/7!

Pay when the work is done · Approved Vauxhall parts · Fully qualified technicians

MOT & Service from £19 with your discounted full service

Discounted servicing starting from £99

Free Collection & delivery