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Mini MOT & Service deals in Basingstoke from only £169

e.g. interim service for a < 1.2L engine car is £169

Don't pay until the day

Join the 4,139,135 happy drivers who've got instant prices to book servicing, MOTs and repairs

Get free collection & delivery too!

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How to book a SecretService™

Book online

Choose your service, MOT or repair

Enter your car registration for an instant price that you can book for free 24/7. Find out your MOT due date too!

Collect car

Have your car collected for free

We understand how your time can be precious, so we will have your car collected for you at no extra cost.

Drop off car

Sit back, relax and wait for it's return

You’ll receive the full, quality franchise experience and your car returned, washed!

What is SecretService™

To prevent the erosion of a franchised dealer's brand through an on-going association with lower pricing, the name of the franchised dealer is hidden behind a SecretService™ logo and is only revealed once a booking is made. Rest assured, it’s close by though.

Why are they doing it?
Motorists tend to believe, incorrectly, that franchised dealers do not perform MOTs and do not work on older cars, so SecretService™ enables franchised dealers to attract motorists who would not normally consider them.

What do we do?
Bulk-buy a large number of service slots in advance and wait for the magic to happen. We love a good surprise.

Who do you pay?
The dealership, but only when the work is complete. We’re just here to get you a great service at a bargain price.

Unbeatable prices

Quality dealership experience at independent garage pricing.

5-Star service

Technicians are trained by Mini to their high standards.

Pay on the day

You won't need to pay anything until the work has been completed.

Location and Map of SecretService™ Mini Basingstoke

MOT & Service from only £169

MOT from £19 with your discounted full service

Secret Service experience

The details behind SecretService™

First of all, don’t look elsewhere for this offer, you won’t find it. We struck a deal with this Mini dealership in Basingstoke for their upcoming, unused servicing slots that enables us to market them to you. They like that we’ve guaranteed them a full workshop and busy mechanics in exchange for discounted pricing. This promotion may not last forever, and availability is limited, so book asap. It only takes a few seconds and the booking path is very clear. Simply type your car’s registration into the box above to get started. You won’t be paying anything to us upfront. All payments are made to the dealership directly, but only when the work is completed.

The manufacturer knows best

When BMW relaunched Mini, they trained mechanics on the new car with the BMW ethos for quality. They established proprietary diagnostic equipment, that they don’t share, to ensure that Mini owners always know where the best servicing is available: a Mini Dealership. Only Mini guarantees to use authentic Mini parts and the specialised tools that are fit for purpose. Mini knows about all the latest software updates because they wrote them. They know about all the relevant product recalls because they did the recalling. And only Mini can stamp your car’s logbook with the Mini logo.

Secret Service experience

Think dealerships are expensive?

SecretService™is proof that they have great deals too, albeit ones that they don’t openly advertise in case they tarnish their high-end image.

All new Minis have on-board computers

And who has the diagnostic equipment to plug them into? Mini. They are the only place with the latest and greatest tools for Minis.

Think about it, you know what's best

Which would you prefer, the comfort and quality of a dealership experience or what might be a very dodgy one at a smaller operation?

Get an instant price you can book for free 24/7!

Pay when the work is done · Approved Mini parts · Fully qualified technicians

MOT & Service from only £169

MOT from £19 with your discounted full service

No.1 in customer service

BMW also owns Rolls-Royce and it’s clear that this Mini dealership in Basingstoke has been educated by those two brands about customer service. The halo effect that the Mini brand enjoys is evident in the mood of the place. Sophistication reigns in every corner. You’ll actually enjoy hanging out there while you wait for your car, if you choose not to have it collected and redelivered that is. The executive lounge alone, where you’ll revel in free wi-fi, a widescreen TV, and all the free coffee and snacks you want, makes a SecretService™worth booking!