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About Subaru

Japanese firm Subaru’s heritage comes from the skies: the company developed out of the Nakajima Aircraft Company (1917-1945), which in its day was the largest aircraft manufacturer in Asia. In 1954 the company debuted its first automobile with the Subaru 500, Japan’s first mini, but Subaru’s story really started in 1972 with the launch of its symmetrical all wheel drive. It’s this factor above all which makes Subaru stand out from the crowd - 4x4 is standard on every car that Subaru sells in the UK (apart from the Justy city car).

Subaru currently sells seven models into the UK including the popular Outback, the original ‘crossover’ and a trusty and tough SUV. Other much loved models include the Forester, a slightly smaller SUV ideally suited to rural driving, and the Impreza - a rally champion turned practical family car.

Subaru owners display impressive brand loyalty, and for good reason. These cars are known for their longevity - it’s not unusual to see Foresters and Outbacks on the used car sales boards with over 200,000 miles on the clock. Part of the reason for this is Subaru’s unique flat-lying ‘boxer’ engines, with pistons which punch horizontally, like a boxer, rather than up and down as in a traditional engine. This means less vibration and friction, and better lubrication, particularly on start-up. In some ways, Subaru build cars which are seemingly almost indestructible! For safety and reliability across the board they consistently score very highly indeed with drivers and independent reviewers.

About the Subaru Impreza

Imprezas come in two variants - the non-turbo saloon and hatchback, and the rally-honed turbo. The Impreza Turbo is the car that won the World Rally Championship for Subaru, and with its distinctive spoiler and flashy lines, it’s easy for drivers to get carried away tearing around country lanes. As you would imagine, Imprezas deliver tremendous performance and handling - but you pay for the experience as it’s a thirsty beast! The suspension tends to be a weak area with some owners reporting this as a known issue, as well as occasional oil leaks and engine warning lights due to failed spark plug wires.

Common Problems with Subaru

As we said above, with a Subaru you’re driving one of the most consistently reliable cars on the road. But every make has its known issues, and for Subaru the suspension seems to be an occasionally problematic area, as well as head gasket leaks, at least for certain Subaru years and models. For these repairs or your regular servicing requirements - even more important if yours is one of the 200,000-miles-down club - use Book My Garage to find a trusted local garage today.

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