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About BMW

An iconic brand - what can be said about BMW that hasn’t already been said? Renowned for their handling prowess and performance, BMW make it a point of pride to build beautiful cars. They even used to go by the tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine” - no need to be humble when you’re BMW, after all.

The 3 and 5 series of BMWs are the foundation of their ranges, and widely thought to be the best cars that they make, full stop. The M5 has even held the position of best sporting saloon car in the world for the last 25 years.

On the more adventurous side of things, BMW have made some more niche outputs, such as the 5 series GT and the X6 more recently. Always on the cutting edge, BMW aren’t content to rest on their laurels. With no weak vehicles in their lineup, you know what to expect when you have a BMW in your garage.

Efficiency and the BMW

For a prestige brand, BMW has a very low CO2 emissions average, helped by its EfficientDynamics programme, which boosts fuel economy. And while BMW is only ranked average for brand reliability according to Which?, it's the highest rated German brand for sales and service with Which? members.

Common problems

In the biggest survey of car reliability in the UK that quizzed thousands of drivers on the most common faults plaguing their cars, BMWs featured in the top five of both new and old cars that would be off the road for a few days per year. With that in mind, it’s important to know where you can get your BMW serviced, close to you.

So what should you keep an eye out for when it comes to keeping your BMW up and running? If you're a loyal BMW driver you're probably quite happy with the style, performance and overall look of your vehicle. But on the other hand, you may have come across some issues as well, particularly if, like many BMW owners, you bought yours on the second hand market.

Problems with the BMW 7 series

If this is your first BMW and it's all new to you, there are a few issues you should be on the lookout for. For example, drivers of the BMW 7 Series often complain about problems with the multi-cd player. While that’s an easy issue to spot, another common query is about leaking of the transmission. How will you know if this is your problem? BMW drivers say that you’ll notice a banging sound in your car.

Other common problems

How about a quick run-through of the most common problems with some other popular BMW models? The BMW X3 sometimes has issues with the gas struts, the BMW Z4 with the folding roof mechanism, and the BMW i8 can present problems with its hybrid diesel/electric engine. But don’t panic - forewarned is forearmed and if these issues do arise we can help you find a good BMW garage near you.

Stick with the experts

As BMW is a German company, it isn't always easy to get parts which is why we would strongly suggest going to a specialist BMW garage if possible. If you're looking for information on a different model such as the 3 Series, 5 Series or X2, get in touch with your local BMW garage directly and they'll be able to help out.

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