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About Chrysler

Chrysler has been making affordable, luxury vehicles for close on 100 years. Known as one of the original Big 3 American automakers (the others being Ford and GM), the company was founded in 1920s Detroit by Walter P. Chrysler. Chrysler started out with an innovative model called the Chrysler Six, built upon the philosophy of ‘design with purpose’. Other iconic models from the last century include the 1955 Chrysler 300C with its distinctive tailfins, a classic 50s car which tore up the racetrack at Daytona.

A brand as American as Levi’s and Coca Cola, in 2009 Chrysler moved into an alliance with Fiat. Then in March 2015 came the announcement that Chrysler vehicles would no longer be sold in the UK by 2017. Despite this there are still plenty of models on British roads. You may be driving the 300C, a large luxurious saloon whose looks owe quite a debt to the classic Bentley; the Delta, a medium sized hatchback with a roomy interior; the Grand Voyager - an enormous, practical but luxurious 7-seater, as seen on ‘The Apprentice’; and the baby of the family, a five door supermini named Ypsilon.

About the Chrysler 300C

The second-generation 300C is a solid, roomy, handsome, executive saloon. It’s also relatively good value compared to other models in its class, although the 300C’s mpgs don’t stack up well against its European counterparts. Never at its best when negotiating a multi-storey car park, this is a car which lives for open motorways!

This 300C does pretty well in terms of customer reviews, although the front suspension is a weak spot and you may be looking at some fairly pricey replacement parts, particularly once the number of Chryslers on the road starts to diminish.

Common Problems with Chrysler

Engine stalling and shut down is a common complaint for Chrysler cars, especially with the 2015 200 series, as well as problems with the front suspension. Whenever your car needs some attention, check out Book My Garage to find a Chrysler-friendly trusted garage nearby who can advise and repair your motor at the best price.

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