How Often Should I Book a Car Service?

Mechanic examining clipboard during car service while inspecting the engine bay

Our car service schedule

You should book an interim service every 6,000 miles, a full service every 12,000 miles and a major service every 24,000 miles for best results.


You should normally get your car serviced once a year. Many factors should be considered when figuring out how often your car needs servicing. Especially if you’re a frequent driver, since you may benefit from having a service more often. The car’s age also influences the servicing period; the older your car is the more often it’ll need servicing. Newer cars that are under four years old usually have a servicing period of 12 months or is based on the car’s mileage; whichever comes first. Your vehicle’s manufacturer’s handbook will recommend how long your service interval should be, but this should only be a guide.


Mechanic conducting tire balancing in a workshop as part of a car service
A car service is the perfect opportunity to alert a mechanic about any problems which might have been developing so they can repair it for you.


Various elements of your car need to be checked, serviced and replaced at various points in the car’s life. Everytime you take your car in for a service, the engine oil and the oil filter needs to be changed. This will ensure that your car runs reliably and efficiently. The brake fluid, transmission fluid, air conditioning and coolant should be checked and replaced if necessary.

Between car services

Between services, there are frequent things you should do at home to ensure that your car is in good condition and performing effectively. Check the condition and pressure of your tyres. Make sure the tyre tread is sufficient, examine for any cuts or wear and look to see if they’re properly inflated. Use your dipstick to check the oil levels and top it up if needed; make this essential if you’re going on a long journey. When your engine is cold, check your coolant level is between MIN and MAX marks.

 You will do more damage driving around with something wrong and ultimately it will cost you more and be a greater risk to your safety.

Ashleigh Brown