Does your car need an MOT or service but you're worried about taking it to the garage for fear of coming into contact with COVID-19? Well, don't panic because we have a way to help you!
Car maintenance is vital to keeping the roads safe and, as there is no MOT extension like the 1st lockdown, you MUST keep your car in roadworthy condition. But Coronavirus particles can survive on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours - isn't giving your car to a mechanic too much of a risk?
Not necessarily. Not only do mechanics wear protective equipment such as masks and gloves during the test, there's also a brand-new product specifically launched to combat the Coronavirus.
Introducing the CV1 shot! A residue-free disinfectant neutraliser that's 99.99% effective against COVID-19 and available to add onto any MOT or service booking for just £25!* (*subject to garages having access to the CV1 shot)

How Does the CV1 Shot Solve This Problem?

The ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) recommend the CV1 shot as a disinfectant to use against COVID-19! It's predominantly made of Benzalkonium Chloride and contains 90% alcohol. It also completes its work in less than 7 minutes. What's more, it gives you a completely disinfected vehicle, residue-free - unlike many conventional cleaning methods!

Once activated, the CV1 shot aerates your cabin, settling on and cleaning important touchpoints. These include the steering wheel, door handles and seats. The CV1 shot also covers 8 cubic metres of space, so it's perfect for all vehicles, including vans and HGV's.


Illustration of car air conditioning circulating particles around a vehicle's cabin - the CV1 shot eliminates 99.99% of these particles to minimise the threat

Activating your vehicle's heater or air-conditioning can circulate virus particles around your vehicle, increasing your chance of infection. Remove them with a CV1 shot today!


This all sounds great, but what if money's a little tight? Aren't there better, cheaper ways to clean your vehicle's interior?


Are There Not Other Ways to Clean a Vehicle's Interior?

You would be right, there are. However, none are as effective as the CV1 shot. Here's why.


Person in grey jacket cleaning silver car in front of bright graffitied wall

Many of us think about washing our vehicle's exterior regularly, but how many of us pay attention to cleaning the cabin? Photo by Nima Sarram on Unsplash


Disinfectant Spray is the common choice for cleaning surfaces. While it may work well on counter tops in the home, disinfectant spray can actually harm soft leather or fabric seats when used repeatedly. Disinfectant wipes can actually remove parts of the leather, leaving the interior of your vehicle looking worn. Not good for the resale value...

Most importantly, disinfectant spray is much more time-consuming than the CV1 shot! You have to do all the work yourself, and it leaves an unpleasant sticky residue on your seats and surfaces.

As well as this, you should never use bleach or ammonia products in your car. They're destructive to leather and fabric surfaces, even more so than disinfectant.


Gloved hand using a sponge cloth to clean vehicle interior surfaces, not as effective as the CV1 shot

A cloth, warm water and soap is a good way to remove COVID-19 particles, but it's far more time-consuming than the CV1 shot!


You might think that good old fashioned soap and water is a great idea but, once again, it's a time consuming process. Similarly, Isopropyl (a recommended form of cleaner for hard surfaces) is even more effective than soap and water - but is also destructive on leather. It removes the protective coating, leaving the seats vulnerable to future distress.

Plus, gentle wiping isn't enough to eliminate the virus particles. However, vigorous, frequent scrubbing - while effective against eliminating virus particles - can damage interiors and leave your car looking worn beyond its years. The CV1 shot is a penetrative but non-destructive deep clean. It combines the benefits of conventional disinfectant spray and cleaning products without any of the hassle, residue or elbow grease of the other products. You can also use the CV1 shot regularly to keep your threat of allowing Coronavirus particles to settle in your vehicle at a minimum!

It's the most effective form of cabin cleaning available on the market today! So, who benefits from this fantastic product the most?


Person hoovering inside of car - not an effective method of destroying COVID-19 particles.

Hoovering your vehicle is a great way to remove dirt and grime which carries germs of its own, but only the CV1 shot destroys 99.99% of Coronavirus particles on all vehicle surfaces.


Who Benefits Most From This Coronavirus Neutraliser?

The CV1 shot is ideal for anyone concerned about COVID-19. If you want to stop the spread and keeping yourself and your family safe from the virus, book a CV1 shot appointment today. However, there are plenty of people who benefit from the CV1 shot more than most. If you're a member of the following groups, this Coronavirus neutraliser is perfect for you:

  • NHS staff
  • Delivery drivers
  • Taxi drivers & Uber drivers
  • Social care staff
  • Drivers who have recently had the virus, have finished quarantining and want to be sure there are no traces left in their vehicle
  • All other Essential Workers (supermarket staff etc)


You're working tirelessly to protect others from exposure to the virus, and you deserve some form of protection in return. That's where the CV1 shot comes in.

And the best news is that it's only £25 all in when you book through BookMyGarage!


Book your CV1 shot appointment for just £25 today!


Booking Your CV1 Shot Through BookMyGarage is a Simple, Cost-effective Move

Mechanics will safely initiate the CV1 shot, using protective gloves and masks to insert and remove the canister from your vehicle. Your blowers or air con system will be switched on during the appointment to ensure every inch of your car is disinfected completely. With the safety precautions in place, there is no additional threat from COVID-19.

It's also the perfect add-on to any MOT or service booking. If you're keeping the rest of your car safe, why not look after the interior at the same time? For just £25 more, you get a full cabin disinfectant that's 99.99% effective against COVID-19. And, it's so quick, it can be done while you're travelling to the garage and paying for the rest of your appointment!

There's no quicker or easier way to remove 99.99% of all Coronavirus particles from your vehicle, especially if you're vulnerable to the virus.  Here's how you can book your CV1 shot appointment.


Add a CV1 shot to your MOT or service booking now!


How to Book Your CV1 Shot Appointment

Head on over to our CV1 landing page, and enter your reg number and postcode to find available garages in your area. There's no need to compare prices - all our garages offer the service for just £25, paid after your appointment. Check for participating garages which offer same-day or next-day booking for your appointment!

BookMyGarage has thousands of fastfit, franchise and independent garages across the UK - so you're never far away from a CV1 shot. Book online today and get peace of mind that your vehicle is 99.99% free from Coronavirus particles!