Whether you love your current car or are planning to upgrade soon, your vehicle is undoubtedly an amazing feat of engineering. An intricate mix of mechanical and electrical components are designed to work in unison to get you moving on the road. 

However, as this machinery is so complex, it is unfortunate - yet inevitable - that faults can occasionally become apparent over time. When a fault is discovered and manufacturers want to fix the issue by taking a look at the vehicle, this is known as a car recall. When a driver notices a fault, or a manufacturer monitors their product and identifies an area of potential risk, then a car recall may be issued. 

Whilst this can be frustrating and worrying for drivers, a car recall is ultimately a means of protecting you. If a car recall is issued, this is actually an encouraging sign, as it proves that steps are being taken to ensure your safety.

Read on to learn what causes a car recall, and what you can do if this happens to you.


What Does It Mean If My Car Is Recalled?

If a recall is issued, it means that a component failure has been identified in the model of car you drive, and the manufacturer wants to fix it. Anything from one car to millions experiencing the same issue could be recalled.

A recall can happen for seemingly less serious reasons – like when the seats recline unexpectedly – but any feature that is not working as it should needs to be investigated to prevent further safety concerns arising over time. Manufacturers use continuous monitoring to detect these potential safety issues. When a recall is issued, this means that the manufacturer wants to check your car for these potential defects at a dealership.

However, not all recalls will require the driver to stop driving their car - the manufacturer should specify whether or not this is the case for you.


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Why Are Car Recalls Important?

Whilst vehicle manufacturers do their best to ensure that each component of your car is working efficiently, sometimes faults are only found after the car has entered production. As recently as June 2022, Toyota recalled 2,700 of its first electric vehicles so that they could ensure the safety of the cars' wheels, whilst Mercedes-Benz made plans to recall almost 1m older vehicles to check the brakes.

Car recalls matter because they help to keep drivers and pedestrians safe, by ensuring that a malfunctioning part is repaired or replaced.


How Will I Know If My Car Has An Active Recall?

Once the manufacturer notices something isn’t working as it should, they will send you a letter detailing the reason for the recall, and what you can do now. They may also contact you via email or phone. If a car recall is issued due to a safety concern, then carmakers must register it with the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The DVSA runs the safety recall scheme, which asks automotive manufacturers to recall any product that does not meet a certain safety standard. You can search for yourself on the government website to look up a specific vehicle, part, or accessory and see if any of these have been recently recalled.

When planning to purchase a used car from someone other than the manufacturer, it is worth finding out the history of the vehicle before you buy, to determine if there are any existing active recalls. The seller does not have to alert the manufacturer that they have sold the car to you, and so you may be unaware of any existing recalls if you do not request proof from the seller.


Who Can Carry Out Recall Work?

Only franchised dealerships are authorised to carry out car recall work. Franchised dealerships like those available through SecretServiceTM can perform recalls for free. By using SecretServiceTM, you can book a service and/or MOT at an official main dealer, for less than the price of booking direct and get your recall work done for free at the same time.

Most importantly, when you book with a main dealership, they sort your car's recall out without you having to worry about it or authorise anything. If they're aware of your car's active problem (which they usually are as we match you with a dealership that lists your make as their speciality), they get it sorted during your appointment. 

You will never have to pay for any work done on your vehicle that happens during a recall. You only need to pay if other issues arise whilst the service department works on your car.


How Can I Book My SecretServiceTM to Get My Recall Sorted?

If your car has an active recall, you need to get it sorted as soon as possible. Book an appointment to take care of the problem today. Just enter your reg number and postcode to see if there is a SecretServiceTM dealership in your area. If there is, you can book your car in for its recall work on its own or with any other maintenance. 

Book your car recall in just three steps today and get back on the road with the peace of mind you deserve.


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