Valentine’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers – Our Top 12

Valentines Day gifts from you to your car

Valentine’s Day has come around quickly again, hasn’t it? We’re all now scrabbling around to try and find the best gifts for our nearest and dearest and we all want something that suits them best. Easy for some, right? But aren’t car lovers notoriously hard to buy for?

Well, last Christmas we proved it isn’t anywhere near that difficult and we’re here to do so again!

We’ve found 12 potential Valentine’s Day gifts for a wide range of car lovers and relationships. So, whether it’s your first year together or you’ve completely lost count of how many you’ve celebrated, there’s a gift here for every type of petrol head.

Personalised ‘fast car fund’ money box; £19.99; Getting Personal

Let’s be honest, us petrol heads love spending money on our cars. If only we had the money to spend on them in the first place!

Well, if you know someone who’s in need of off-limits cash to spend on a swanky new sports car or their long term second-hand restoration project, this silver money box is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you could give.

What’s more, you get to personalise all the text on the box! With up to 83 characters available for your message, you can tell them just how much you love them (or tolerate their expensive habit), this Valentine’s Day.

Car buff quiz; £8.99; Iwantoneofthose

Does your partner often brag about their extensive car knowledge? Fancy making them put their money where their mouth is? Well, this box of trivia will let you do just that!

There’s a range of multiple-choice questions to ask, from naming famous movie cars to facts about automotive history. With both common and obscure knowledge included, you might just be able to catch them out. Alternatively, they might be able to back up their claims by answering each question correctly!

If you like a bit of healthy competition in your relationship, why not challenge them? A win would be a real feather in your cap and give you a smug sense of satisfaction to boot.

Valentines Day gifts in boxes

Quirky in-car charger (prices vary)

If your significant other does a lot of driving, owning a phone charger for their car is an absolute must. But who wants just a standard USB port?

There are more and more cool charger designs on the market now. Funky, bright colours are almost standard and sleek wireless charging, doubling up as a hands-free phone holder, is slowly becoming the norm.

If you want to give them something practical but cool this Valentine’s Day, why look any further than an in-car charger? They’re available from a wide range of stockists at prices to suit any budget, so search the market and find the perfect one for your partner!

Personalised key chain for car keys (Prices vary)

Car keys can’t be anything other than boring, right? Wrong!

It’s easy to find a key ring that car keys can be clipped onto, especially if you’re buying for someone with an interest in a popular movie franchise, TV series or hobby (besides cars that is!)

Or, if you don’t fancy being so mainstream, you can get your own key chain custom made by a range of companies. We recommend Etsy – they offer a wide-range of cool, car related key chains including personalised plates and a silver F1 car!

Whichever option you choose, no car lover will be disappointed with a personalised set of car keys – especially if they’re currently using the standard dealership set!

Super car experience; £99 (discounted from £149)*; Menkind

While you don’t have to be the biggest petrol head to appreciate driving fast, it certainly helps! Especially as they’re able to drive a range of their dream cars as well.

They get to choose three different super cars from a list including the Porsche 911, Aston Martin DB9, Lamborghini Gallardo and Nissan GTR and drive three miles in each. On their own. Around a race track against other cars. As fast or slow as they want. What more do we need to say?

If they’ve always wanted to drive fast and meet all the safety requirements (set out in the product description), they’ll absolutely love this driving experience! No matter what age your partner is, this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts they could receive.

Speedometer of love. Valentines Day gift concept

Car emergency kit or cleaning set

Are you buying for someone who loves keeping their car in pristine condition? Well, why not give them some Valentine’s Day gifts that they’ll really love?

Yep, a hamper of car shampoos, cloths, sponges and waxes and would go down well with many car lovers this year. Not only do they get to give their pride and joy a nice deep clean, you get a few hours peace and quiet as well. What could be better?

Alternatively, a car emergency kit (like this one we’ve detailed before), could be a great gift idea. It’s something else that’s open to interpretation and can be personalised based on our recommendations. While not the most exciting gift on our list, it’s certainly thoughtful. You can show them both how much you care and how well you know them by including the things they love the most.

Either way, a hamper that takes care of both the car and the owner is a double win for you! Just give yourself a shopping list and a budget and fill the hamper to your heart’s content.

Wrench bottle opener; £12.99; Iwantoneofthose

If they love mechanical work and pottering around a garage, this gift will remind them of their passion every time they open a well-earned drink!

We love its simple yet stylish brass design and its leather key chain makes it the perfect addition to any set of keys, car or otherwise. That way, you’ve always got a bottle opener handy (where legal and appropriate, of course.)

Plus, what car lover doesn’t want to open every bottle with an actual wrench? It’s just another extension of our passion – and it looks pretty cool as well!

Personalised car-themed Valentine’s cards

Mushy heart-shaped cards filled with kisses have their place – but what petrol head wouldn’t prefer a personalised car-themed card instead?

Personalised cards are great for appealing to your significant other’s sense of humour – terrible puns and all – and plenty of companies offer full customisation of your card. Choose your picture, text, message and design, all based around what they love. If you can include yourself in the design as well, even better!

They might not mind the traditional Valentine’s Day cards but a personalised, car-themed card would be even better. Who knows, it might even sit on display longer than normal. It’s different and might even come as a nice surprise to them.

A gift box which wishes everyone a happy Valentines Day

Customised licence plates (prices vary,

What better way to personalise their wheels than a tasteful customised licence plate?

Every year, the DVLA auctions off a range of unique numbers for lucking bidders, or you can commission your own! Just make sure to follow the Government guidelines so you choose a licence plate that’s both cool and legal. Not following the correct procedure can lead to an MOT failure! Not one of the nicer Valentine’s Day gifts to receive, is it?

However, if personalised licence plates are done well, they can make a really cool addition to their car. Maybe you’ll even look into getting a matching set for yourself…

Truck driving experience; £99; Iwantoneofthose

It’s a bit more left-field, but you do get to be a trucker for the afternoon. And how many times do you get to experience that?

Under careful instruction, you’ll tackle a purpose-built course at a range of UK tracks. During your time behind the wheel, you’ll learn skills such as slalom steering and driving a full HGV in reverse. After you’ve completed the course, you get a certificate to commemorate your experience.

Again, the product description details certain criteria you need to meet but fulfilling them will lead to an afternoon like no other. Plus, if you feel brave enough, you can ride along in the cab with your partner and see just how well they do…

Go-karting race; £49 (discounted from £99)*; Menkind

The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift to finish. 50 laps of ‘pedal to the metal’ go-karting thrills for two at a range of locations across the UK. What’s not to love about that?

Get ready to unleash your competitive side, race through the field and take the chequered flag in first place. What’s more, you get a copy of the full race times – so, if you win, you can make sure your partner never forgets!

Once again, certain criteria needs to be met but you don’t need a drivers licence to take part! If you’re brave enough and think you have what it takes to win, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for two!


We reckon this list gives plenty of options when you’re searching for that special someone. Hopefully, you found your perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your nearest and dearest this year. Perhaps you’ve even given yourself ideas for the future as well!

If you found something your car-mad partner loved but wasn’t included on this list, we’d love to know about it! You might even make one or two of us a little bit jealous!


*All discounts correct at time of publishing.


Drew Hickman

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