Top 5 Most Annoying Driving Habits

woman angry at annoying drivers

Don’t you hate it when someone pulls right in front of you without even indicating? Or if someone beeps at you as soon as the traffic lights turn green? We all have our pet peeves about other drivers. We have put together the top 5 most annoying driving habits people have of other road users. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!


We all know the struggle when people don’t indicate – it’s incredibly annoying! It’s especially annoying when drivers don’t indicate off roundabouts. You sit there and think “I could have gone”. It’s understandable if the driver maybe forgot to indicate on this odd occasion, but based on how often we all see it happen, it can’t be a one-off. It’s not only roundabouts where this frustration occurs, it also commonly happens when drivers are turning into another road, merging or changing lanes on the motorway. You’re going 70mph and a driver just cuts in front of you. This can be very dangerous as well as annoying.


This is proven to be one of the most irritating habits of other road users. You could be happily driving along at a perfect speed and suddenly, an angry man is driving right up behind you. You then start to feel pressured and as if he is in a rush – but you’re driving no more than the speed limit, you can’t go any faster. It can also make things feel slightly awkward as you can’t really escape the situation. This is not only annoying, but very dangerous. If you had to brake suddenly, that car would be right in the back of yours.

Forceful Drivers

Forceful drivers are never in our good books. Why do they think that they can bully their way through people? If anything, it makes us not want to give way, or politely let them past. It can make things uncomfortable and awkward. Those who weave their way through lanes and force others out of theirs, or those who feel the need to honk their horn at you as soon as the light turns green. What is it going to achieve?

Dangerous Drivers

Dangerous driving must be the worst of all! There are so many people who don’t think and will always try to take the quicker route, which isn’t always necessarily the safest. It is illegal to hog the middle lane, and those that do put others at risk as they’re unable to overtake, or move into the middle lane briefly to let vehicles join the motorway. People who don’t plan and make quick, swift movements are dangerous drivers, as well as those who speed up when you’re trying to overtake. People who don’t creep out of junctions and expect people to stop for them, and those who simply drive too fast – or in some cases too slow. Some people need to think before they act, as although it is annoying for us, it could result in terrible consequences for them.

Breaking Roundabout Rules

We have already touched on roundabouts earlier, when we were discussing failing to indicate off them. But roundabouts in general can be dangerous, especially for those who don’t follow and stick to the rules. Don’t you hate it when someone doesn’t stay in their lane, which forces you out of yours? What about when another driver decides to change lanes and quickly moves over without checking their surroundings? It’s not only incredibly annoying, but very unsafe! One other small thing a lot of people seem to get annoyed by – when people drive straight over a mini roundabout…it’s there for a reason!


Libby Simmons

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