The UK’s Top Ten Scenic Routes

Happy couple in convertible car driving into the sunset on one of the UKs most scenic routes

Although the UK may be one of the most crowded places to live in Europe, it is still blessed with miles upon miles of open road and picturesque scenery. Do you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the claustrophobic city? Here are some of our handpicked scenic routes that are guaranteed to give you that relaxing driving experience.

1. A82 towards Glencoe

A82 road heading into Scottish mountains and highland countryside, perfect scenic route

2. A4069 Black Mountain Road, Powys

A4069 road in Wales, stunning view of green mountainside on sunny day

3. Hutton-Le-Hole, North Yorkshire

pretty English village Hutton-Le-Hole with small river, footbridge and row of houses making this one of the UKs most scenic routes

4. Humber Bridge, North Lincolnshire/Yorkshire

The Humber Bridge over the river Humber, an imposing site on a scenic route

5. A5 Chirk to Bethesda, Wales

A5 road leading to large lake on sunny day, trees to the left and mountains in the background

6. Ballyrush to Cushendun, Antrim Coast Road

Antrim Coast Road leading through Northern Irish coastline tunnel on sunny day

7. A87, A863 and A850 around Skye

Scenic routes through empty Scottish countryside on Isle of Sky road
Scenic routes on the Isle of Sky are very easy to come by!

8. A2 Portrush to Ballycastle

Coastal Northern Irish road leading through beautiful hills on sunny day

9. A470 from Conwy to Merthyr Tydfil

A470 Welsh road leading through valley surrounded by stunning green hills on overcast, cloudy day
It doesn’t matter how gloomy the weather is – nothing can stop us having fun on these scenic routes!

10. The A3055, Isle of Wight

Long, straight road on Isle of Wight leading through green fields on a clear, sunny day

Sophie Bond