Porsche, Land Rover and Mercedes top the list of least reliable car makers, according to warranty provider

The most unreliable car makers of 2016

From Alfa Romeo to Porsche, Land Rover to Mercedes-Benz, the names read like a who’s who of the car world. But beyond the glamorous image and – some would say – premium prices drivers pay to own these cars is an uncomfortable truth: they build some of the least reliable cars on the road. The […]

Bigger cars: how our motors have evolved

Small city runarounds are growing into bigger cars as times goes by. You’ll struggle to fit even a small car in a garage that was built more than 30 years ago. But those mini motors have become faster, safer and more economical for drivers. To show how our cars are getting bigger we’ve got the ruler out […]

How often should my car be serviced?

You should normally get your car serviced once a year. Many factors should be considered when figuring out how often your car needs servicing. Especially if you’re a frequent driver, since you may benefit from having a service more often. The car’s age also influences the servicing period; the older your car is the more […]