Speeding fines up by 2500% on smart motorways

Motorway direction signs with cars avoiding speeding fines by driving below 70 mph

Speeding fines are being dished out to more than 1000 drivers a week on Britain’s new smart motorways. Figures obtained by the BBC from police forces around the UK show that 52,516 fixed penalties were issued in 2015. That’s up from just 2023 speeding fines on the same stretches of road five years ago ‑ […]

The evolution of the Batmobile

Evolution of the batmobile white and yellow text and several variations of the Batmobile underneath

At BookMyGarage.com, we love cool cars and there is nothing quite as cool as the Batmobile. Since its arrival in 1966, the iconic Batmobile has had many incarnations. Then, as each year passes there’s a change on this iconic supercar. In the 1930s and early 40s Batman’s car barely featured in the comic strips. When […]